How to design a home office to create a business like atmosphere

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One of the biggest problems of working from home involves staying focused on business and not letting home distractions compromise your ability to work – I know this only too well!  So I can really relate to today’s guest post and I expect many of you who also work part or all of the week at home will be able to identify and hopefully pick up some useful ideas.

One of the best solutions for creating a business atmosphere at home involves designing an office for working instead of relaxing. Designing a professional home office space encourages better productivity and provides an acceptable place to meet clients, vendors and associates.

Organising and optimising space for work and play

Staging a home office to boost productivity involves arranging furniture, organising equipment, keeping space uncluttered and clean, adding neutral art and accessories and lighting the area effectively.

1. Furniture

Arrange your desk or worktable with a view of the door without blocking natural light from the windows. A swivel chair will allow you to see outside, but try to avoid looking at scenery, street scenes or passers-by, which could distract you. Get an ergonomic chair for yourself that swivels and adjusts for comfort during long work sessions. Choose furniture for function above fashion, at least for your immediate working area.

2. Equipment, files and communications

Keep communications devices readily available from your work area so that you don’t need to get up your desk or table repeatedly. Routine equipment, such as a printer or fax, should be easily accessible. Try to keep your most important files or tools immediately below or above your working space.

3. Organisation

Keeping your home office clean, organised and uncluttered will increase your productivity. Don’t use working at home as an excuse to clutter your workspace with hobbies, kids’ materials, food and casual reading material.

4. Art and accessories

Choose a focal point for your home office, but instead of an expensive piece, consider repurposing old furniture or accessories. Choose art and accessories that are meaningful to you but not distracting. Good art commands attention, but work should be your real focal point when using your home office.

5. Lighting

If possible, use natural lighting. Bright overhead lighting, which is often shunned in home environments, encourages greater productivity in home offices, but you can still brighten the room stylishly and in energy-efficient ways. CFL bulbs and LED lighting offer better energy efficiency, track lighting creates great ambience and LED lights can last for decades without changing the bulbs

– Built-in light sources could limit productivity by casting shadows. Use overhead lights to increase illumination or remove shadows from built-in light sources.

– Task lighting is perfect for home offices and offers versatility when needed.

– Consider installing lamps and fixtures for layered lighting that you can change for specific functions.

The home office, unless you use it to receive customers and entertain guests, should create a boundary between personal and work activities. Arranging a dedicated space for working at home offers distinct psychological benefits and possible tax incentives if you are employed specifically to work at home or have no alternative but to do so.

HVAC systems that filter the environment

One of the biggest differences between professional and home offices lies in the ambient atmospheres of each. Professional spaces have filtered air that is kept at comfortable working temperatures. Homes often have cooking smells, toiletry scents and other olfactory distractions including both pleasant and unpleasant odours. A humid or hot space encourages lethargy, so keeping temperatures at a businesslike temperature can help you get more done. You air conditioning system is critical for keeping a comfortable working environment in the home.

Benefits of AC maintenance in your workspace include:

– Adjusting humidity for comfort and better energy efficiency

– Removing germs and allergens that threaten work efficiency

– Generating a comfortable working temperature

– Supplying ventilation to keep you alert and focused

Contact CCS Aircon for your air conditioning needs to create a professional workspace at home and quit relying on distracting fans and weak or inefficient HVAC systems. Hot, humid summer weather can sap your willpower to work, so consider the benefits of thoughtful design and a comfortable atmosphere for your home office.

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