I’m dreaming of a new kitchen…

Our kitchen cupboards were installed about two years before we moved into our house and they are a reasonable quality, so have stood up to the rigours of family life during the past 9 years.  I liked them when we moved in and I still do, although some of the units are showing a few little signs of age here and there. A kitchen is such a carefully considered purchase, isn’t it?  When it comes time to replace ours, we would want to get it perfectly right.  My new design would involve knocking through the kitchen wall behind these cupboards (below) into our conservatory on the other side and have an open plan, light-filled kitchen/diner across the back of the house, with an island between the two spaces. I would turn the facing seating area in our current kitchen layout into the ‘working part’ with the cooker and sink re-located underneath the window and also create a vaulted ceiling above the space. Are you with me so far?  There’s more!  I would then convert the narrower end of our kitchen, closing up that opening you can see below to create a separate office/study room (or perhaps a decent sized laundry/utility room). Oh, um… and a brand new kitchen installed, pretty please, on top of all those alterations!  Yes, I know – BIG changes that are purely a dream living in my head at this stage, and will probably stay that way for a few more years. When it comes to actually planning out a new kitchen, there is a lot to consider.  We are not all designers by trade, so it is important to seek specialist advice.  Visiting a kitchen showroom where you can get a plan drawn up is the best way to help you visualise your future kitchen and also identify any potential problems, working around them to get the best layout possible. This Kitchen Planning Guide from Magnet Kitchens, is a useful short video.  It’s a good starting point to help you with the essentials, including measuring and the common pitfalls to beware of.  It has certainly got my brain whirring as I continue to plan my future dream!

So are you undertaking a kitchen refresh, update, switch around or brand new installation?  (If so, lucky you!)  Are you a modern or traditional type?  Open plan or separate room?  Let me put the kettle on while you tell me, as I always enjoy a bit of kitchen chat!

This post is in collaboration with Magnet, the kitchen specialists.  All my own words and opinions, as always.

© Copyright Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: #tidylife
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