Improve Your Health With Massage Chairs from Back2

The idea of therapeutic massage is ancient, but it’s been refined over thousands of years, and it’s inevitable that the modern contribution would be technological. Many massage aids have been developed, but the massage chair is the ultimate in technological massage.

Massage ChairsMassage Chairs from Back2

Simple massage chairs have been around for decades, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve become sophisticated enough to attract attention. More than a decade ago, the Telegraph point out their benefits. Top-end chairs can be programmed to offer a wide range of massage techniques.

Massage in general is becoming more important as we not only become more stressed, but also become more aware of its dangers. An article on the BBC website about massage chairs in Asia points out that “Massage chairs are good business in stressed-out Singapore,” but the same is increasingly true all over Europe and North America, as well.

Massage Chairs from Back2

Everyone wants an exclusive massage chair with Back2 as one of the leading suppliers. But one size doesn’t fit all, and Back2 supplies a wide range of types and prices, depending on your needs.

At one end, the Alpha Techo AT-90 retails for just over £700 and suits anyone who just wants to massage away the stresses of the day on a regular basis. Its functions are simple, and it will fit into any home. The Alpha Techno AT-2000 offers extra-cushioned comfort to fit your body more precisely.

More sophisticated and expensive models provide massage regimes that will target specific health issues. For instance, as the Huffington Post highlights, massage chairs can be valuable for post-birth mothers.

Back2 offers several models in the couple of thousand pound range, such as the Human Touch ThermoStretch™ HT-275, which uses Dual-Lumbar Heat and Full-Body Stretching that can alleviate back pain and sore muscles. The Inada FED-500, on the other hand, offers eight programmable massage techniques, including shiatsu and rhythmic acupressure, while the BackSaver™ MB-2020 Zero Gravity Recliner combines relaxation and massage to improve your sleep pattern, benefit your spine and even boost your immunity.

The top range features chairs that deliver the last word in sophistication. The Panasonic EP-MA59 Reclining Massage Chair, combines ergonomic relaxation with various massage techniques, and features voice control. The BackSaver MB-3000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair is Back2’s top product, combining the features of the lower-priced models for a luxury massage and relaxation experience.

Massage Chairs for Everyone

We all need to de-stress, and many of us have aches and niggles that need to be massaged away. Whatever your needs, see what can offer you.

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