Innovative Stretch Ceilings from Barrisol Welch


Your kidneys aren’t very big, each is about the size of your fist, but they perform a very important function. Each day just one kidney can process 40 gallons of fluid. That’s about enough to fill a house’s hot water heater.  Bear with us on this…..

Unfortunately, if your kidneys start to malfunction, you might not realise it for a long while.  However, if your water heater malfunctions you might finds its contents, all 40 gallons of it, covering your living room floor in a matter of minutes.

At Tidy Away Today, we like the fact that our living room is not covered in 40 gallons of water.  We would like it to stay that way, as would the good people at Barrisol Welch.

Barrisol Welch, based in Cheshire, has developed a product called the Barrisol stretch ceiling.  Made of a material called Nereide it is flexible enough to safely collect about 40 gallons of water without breaking.  Once the water is drained, which is a very straight forward process, the material can be heated in order to go back to its original form, as you can see from the incredible video below, called Project Goldfish:

A fast and efficient measuring and installation service is offered by Berrisol trained technicians for additional peace of mind and don’t worry you can still install any other type of technical equipment or lighting above the sheet once it has been fitted.

I think most people like the idea of having something in the background that offers a level of protection but doesn’t need to be constantly turned on, off, tested or replaced.  It’s there for when it’s needed.  Like a Barrisol stretch ceiling.



Remember, most of the time you can trust your kidneys with 40 gallons of fluid.  Not so sure about our water heater or the ceiling in our 1930’s semi…

You can get more information on Barrisol Welch in the link here.

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