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Interior Design Ideas that Dare to ‘Do it Differently’

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Are you a bit fed up with your home and do you fancy giving it some more individuality this season?

The beginning of a new year is a time we often feel like we need a change, whether that’s of scenery, décor or perhaps a new job.  You might be feeling motivated to tackle some long overdue decorating or DIY tasks around the house, which is why today I’m talking about Carpetright’s #DoItDifferently campaign.  Aimed at encouraging everyone to try some new and daring home ideas, the Carpetright team have been busy sharing a range of great suggestions over the past month, to help inspire us to get creative and transform our living spaces in different ways. From clever storage ideas and quirky design tricks for bedrooms, to alternative flooring options and home styling tips, you’ll find them all there on the website.

These sorts of projects are always on my mind!  I’ve recently been thinking about how I could improve a few of our rooms at home.  In our main bedroom we could definitely do with a few design tweaks.  There’s nothing wrong with our faux brown leather headboard, for example, but I am totally bored with the look of it and so I really fancy having a go at re-upholstering it.  I’m sure with some lovely, spring-like fabric and a staple gun I could give it a whole new look.  Add a new zingy throw and citrus cushions on the bed, perhaps a new light shade too and I think those little tweaks would make a huge difference in freshening up the whole space.

I’m also missing having carpet upstairs right now.  Normally, I love the look of bare floorboards, but they’re anything but cosy this season when you step out of your warm bed in the morning.  Rugs do help of course, but they’re not quite the same as wall to wall carpet, are they?

Plus in our younger boys’ shared bedroom, the lads end up getting the occasional splinter from their floorboards – ouch!  So the comfort factor is definitely missing from their room, which we need to address.  Instead of carpeting in there, I’d really like to try out a vinyl floor.  One of our sons has asthma, so I think it would be easier to keep clean and allergen free for him.  Modern vinyls have come such a long way since I was a little girl – they are so cushiony soft and warm underfoot now; quite luxurious in fact and the choice of designs is fantastic.  You can find some really ‘out there’ stripy, colourful designs if you are feeling brave.  I also like the thought of being able to get the look of wooden floorboards in a vinyl floor, without all the splinters!

But of course there are plenty of other flooring options, too. Have you ever considered carpet tiles?  They are relatively easy to fit, so I am told, and I love how you can use them to create an amazing statement floor like this one:

Funky carpet tiles Carpetright

Geometric patterns are HOT in home interiors right now that I could be tempted to give this look a try – it’s fabulous!

Whatever you may be thinking about improving in your home, do check out the #DoItDifferently posts which can be found on the Inspiration & Advice section – they’re really informative and should help you feel motivated to make some improvements.

Plus Carpetright have organised a great competition – all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is share a photograph of your unique home improvements on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #DoItDifferently (and I’m told the more weird or wacky the better!).  The winner’s prize is this fantastic bundle:

  • £500 to spend at Carpetright
  • An array of Indie chic storage items from The Camouflage Company
  • A luxury king size duvet cover set courtesy of Rooi
  • £100 gift card from Bedroom Storage Maker

Please note this competition is now closed


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