Interior design spotlight: Tile trends for 2016


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The diversity of the humble tile is astonishing. Whether you want to create a centrepiece mosaic in your kitchen or bathroom, or you simply want to refresh a room, it can all be achieved with the right choice of tiles.

Decorative tilework dates as far back as the 13th century BC, when Mesopotamian craftsmen glazed and coloured bricks to decorate the palaces of the Persian Empire. Tiling has come a long way since then; however, its core purpose of enhancing and invigorating interior space remains the same.

Next year’s tile trends are already coming through loud and clear, with a particular emphasis on bold and bright colours. House to Home has a great guide that highlights some things to look out for when choosing your new tiles. Before you get stuck into the buying process, it’s worth taking a look at the following styles of kitchen and bathroom tiles that look set to explode in popularity in 2016.


Whimsical floral designs are taking centre stage next year, in what is a modern twist on traditional flower mosaics. The look is easy to create: think high-impact, ethereal tiles strategically placed around the room to create a sharp contrast against your overall theme.



Throughout 2016, expect to see a lot tile schemes with distinctive geometric patterns. Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, bathroom, or a specific element of a room such as a backsplash or benchtop, geometry looks set to be a huge influencer.

2016’s take on geometric tiles will include hexagonal, triangle, star, and diamond shapes, as well as an aspect of fluid movement. This means that the tiles will fuse intricate patterns with a sense of continuous design through smooth, flowing lines. Tiles Direct offers geometric tiles that are suitable for various projects around the home.

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Colour burst

Mismatched, colourful bathroom and kitchen tiles also look set to be big next year. Imagine bright hues and contrasting tones with a slight quirky edge. This type of scheme instantly adds character to a room, and can evoke a wide range of emotions depending on the central colours you choose to work around.

For instance, citrus tones are great for awakening the senses early in the morning, as well as elevating the overall brightness of the room. Conversely, blue hues work particularly well in bathrooms and inspire a sense of freshness and cleanliness.



For the ultimate in glamour and sophistication, you might like to choose a metallic scheme for 2016. These tiles look great matched with everything from neutral palettes to bold colourways. Plus, the natural shine of the metallic reflects light, which helps to elevate modest-sized rooms by creating the impression of a larger space.



One of the most interesting tile trends for 2016 is raised texture. This adds depth to your walls while creating a sense of unique character to your kitchen or bathroom. Plus, the very nature of the tiles also creates a tactile effect which makes for a great talking point among guests. You might like to check out this photo guide from Houzz for further inspiration on textured tiles.


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