Interior Design Trends That Turn Off Home Buyers


Today’s post takes a look at the interior design trends that can put potential buyers off purchasing your home.

Home decorating is one of the fun things about owning your own property because it is your home and you are free to decorate it as you please.  People’s tastes vary and what suits one person may actually be unappealing to someone else.  And while everyone is entitled to put their own unique stamp upon their home, a different approach is required when it comes to listing a home for sale.

Selling a property is all about having a broad appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.  Quirky, unique and artistically designed interiors may actually turn buyers away and make it more difficult to sell a property than it ought to be.  Read on to learn how to avoid the top interior design trends that turn people off.

Gloomy Rooms

Every room in the house should be well lit and if possible, bathed in natural light.  A gloomy room that is poorly lit holds no natural appeal and can be downright depressing.  Before opening the house for inspection, be sure to clean all the windows, get rid of any tatty old curtains and install window treatments that showcase the light and view available from outside.  A bright room invites a cheery atmosphere that will make a better first impression upon a prospective buyer.

Shagpile Carpeting

While shagpile carpet may hold a certain retro appeal in theory, the reality is that trends are showing more people are interested in a home with hardwood floors and easy to clean rugs; a fact that the online estate agents Emoov can attest to.  Shagpile carpets are notoriously difficult to keep clean and nobody wants to inherit the previous owner’s dirt and odours along with the home.  Even if the carpet is clean, many owners are not interested in the kind of regular maintenance shagpile carpet requires.

Light fittings

Be sure that the installed light fittings complement the room and are not too large, small or out-dated.  Styles can change quickly but simple elegance will always be in fashion.  Don’t go overboard with throwing good money after bad but consider buying new light fittings if the old ones are not in harmony with the rest of the décor.


Changing doorknobs to fit a consistent theme throughout the house and banishing any 1980’s gold can be a simple way to give the interior a facelift.  Consider a brushed chrome or faux bronze look to provide a touch of class.  The entire house can be refitted for under £200 but the first impression it will provide is priceless.

Themed Rooms

Themed rooms may appeal to a specific occupant, but they will not necessarily win over potential buyers.  Girly girl rooms painted bright pink or sports themed rooms full of manly memorabilia should be the first to receive a makeover to tone down the tackiness and generate a more generic charm.


The single most important tip of all is to be sure to extensively de-clutter.  A room stuffed with belongings can feel claustrophobic and does not allow a true sense of the available space that is hiding behind the mess.  Buyers need to imagine the potential of room and part of your role is to make it as easy as possible for that to happen.

With these straightforward suggestions in mind many of the buying barriers will be removed and the chances of your home selling sooner will increase exponentially.

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