Introducing the Exciting New Interior Design Collective

Have you ever considered hiring an interior designer?

If you live in an ordinary home maybe it hasn’t occurred to you that the services of an interior designer could benefit you.  But it really could, because an interior design service isn’t just for wealthy people with fancy homes and big budgets, ya know!

I mean, just because you have a tap, it doesn’t make you a competent plumber, does it?  Similarly, if you haven’t a clue how to start (or don’t have the time) to plan and execute an entire room re-style or home renovation project, this is why there are interior designers!

As multi-tasking supremos, they’re able to work to a budget, create scaled plans, recommend and co-ordinate tradespeople, even get you trade discounts on furniture and homeware.  Their expertise, design flair and practical know-how can help you massively when you’re grappling with ideas or feeling overwhelmed by choice.  They’ll ensure you get the best out of your space, a workable layout, a cohesive colour scheme, adequate storage, the right furnishings and accessories etc.  They can help you think outside the box and nail your style when you’re dithering – in short, they can make a real impact on your home and the way you use it!

The fantastic news is that a great new Interior Design Collective has just been launched, offering accessible interior design services across the UK.  How exciting!

After realising there was a real need for this sort of design work, the IDC was founded by interior designers, Karen Knox (Making Spaces):

Credit – Katie Lee for MADE

and Fiona Duke (Fiona Duke Interiors):

Often being asked to work for clients all over the country, which wasn’t always practical, they spotted an opportunity to a provide homeowners with a bank of talented designers to choose from, nationwide.  The collective launched with 13 designers, but you can bet there will be more on board in the coming months.

With a shiny new website, prospective clients can have a good look at the designers’ portfolios and use it to access affordable, exciting interior design from professional, like-minded designers.

Do check out the IDC website for more information and be inspired by some truly gorgeous room designs.  If you want to see a real life case study of the IDC in action, have a look at their latest blog post where designer Cathy Dean shows how she scrapped a client’s expensive plans for extending and instead re-configured the existing space, creating a wonderfully stylish home whilst saving on the budget.

Best wishes to the Interior Design Collective from #tidylife, I reckon you’re going to be busy!

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