Joining in with the Dunelm Sleep Campaign #TeamSleepSheep


Hands up who consistently gets a good night’s sleep?  I bet it’s not many of us.  Even if you’re generally a pretty good sleeper, things like having young children, or a night time cough, being too hot or cold or just not comfy enough can significantly impinge on the quality of sleep and it doesn’t take long before it can affect our mood and wellbeing.

This Spring Dunelm Mill have launched a campaign tagged #TeamSleepSheep to try and help families get a better night’s sleep.  With a range of night time solutions, I was most interested to learn about Dunelm’s anti-allergy bedding range as my middle son has spells of difficulty sleeping due to being an asthma sufferer, unfortunately.  The condition was very mild when he was younger but this past year, particularly over the recent winter months, it has worsened and he has had a lot of broken sleep; his wheeze and cough definitely seems more severe at night time.

Fortunately, now the spring weather has appeared and he is on some new medication, he is feeling and looking much better, but of course it is a condition we are still learning to manage.  Anything we can try to help him is worth giving a go to keep his symptoms at bay.  So when Dunelm invited me to get involved in their current #TeamSleepSheep campaign I was really keen.  Have you seen the cute and amusing TV advertisements featuring Dunelm’s four sheep characters, who are on hand to help British families get a good night’s sleep?

Here’s one of them… aww!

Dunelm’s sleep solutions include the Dunelm Memory Foam range, Temperature Regulating Range, Blackout Curtain Range and of course the Anti-Allergy Range which we are looking forward to put to the test.  We were sent a range of anti-allergy products to try, which are the Fogarty Mattress Protector, 13.5 TOG duvet, a pair of pillows and pillow protectors.

Dunelm anti-allergy bedding

I wanted to photograph them in their packaging, but my lad was so excited and keen to try the new bedding that he wasn’t able to wait!  We hoovered his mattress (we do this pretty often) and put on the new products, which all felt exceptionally soft, padded and lovely.

With fresh sheets and pillowcases popped over the top of the new products, both Gabriel and his younger brother thought it felt amazing lying on them.  They both agreed with each other that it was like being in a hotel!  Over the coming nights we are looking forward to keeping a track of his sleep to see if and by how much the anti-allergy bedding seems to be helping, but first impressions are good.

Thank you, Dunelm for inviting us get actively involved with #TeamSleepSheep!


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