Leather Repairs made easy with Masta Plasta

There’s a great little product on the market for leather repairs that I wanted to share with you, as you may not have come across it before.  I hadn’t until recently, when I was contacted by the company ‘Masta Plasta’ and asked if I’d like to try out their self-adhesive patches.  They offer a new innovative way to repair leather sofas, chairs or garden furniture without the hassle of using tools, solutions or any other apparatus.  I was quite intrigued as it sounded like something that we could definitely use at home.

When we used to have a pet hamster, we put her cage a little too close to the suite one time and she unfortunately had a good old nibble through the bars on one corner of the leather, as you can see:

I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical about how successful the repair would be, with the damage being right on the corner and quite noticeable anyway – would a patch repair simply draw more attention to it, especially if the colour didn’t quite match?

Well I was pleasantly surprised when our samples arrived.  The colour was pretty much perfect for our dark espresso coloured leather.  This was the larger patch:

masta plasta

But the small one was the perfect size and it was easy to apply, even on the corner of the chair, so I imagine a tear or rip along a flat surface would be an even simpler leather repair.

Here is the result after, it looks so much tidier and from further away you don’t even notice it, whereas before I felt the damage drew your eye.

And this handy repair product can be used on other leather items, such as bags – you can go plain or have an embossed design like this to make a feature of it!

I really like the crown design, too:

Plus, the patches come in a wide choice of colours so it is a great, cost effective solution to fix leather or even faux leather.  Do check out the Masta Plasta website for more info.

Thanks to Masta Plasta for sending a couple of free samples for me to try, I love your great, first-aid for furniture!


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