3 lighting trends for 2017

Lighting trends

Decorating (or redecorating) your house is one of the most exciting things to do; all of the fun new possibilities that exist, the prospect of living in a new version of a familiar space, and of course, the shopping. Whether it is finding that perfect couch or that coffee table you cannot live without, there is always a little thrill in the prospect of the  “new.” All of that excitement can sometimes make things feel overwhelming and it can be very easy for us to overlook some things. When all you are thinking about is something as big as your new couch you can forget about one very important thing: lighting.

Lighting can make or break an entire room. From ambient, to accent, to mood, lighting changes the entire setting of a space. Bad lighting can make even the nicest of spaces feel small, cramped, or even dingy, while proper lighting can make a small room feel open and spacious. Just as important as the lights themselves is the style of the lighting fixtures. Whether it is a chandelier or a desk lamp, lighting fixtures play a huge role in setting the tone for a room.

Here are a few lighting trends that are expected to really make an impact in home design this year.



Metallics are everywhere this year: from fashion, to makeup trends, to car detailing, and now, home furnishings. The increased interest in metals is partially due to their sleekness, timelessness, and their longevity. Another great thing about metallics is that there is so much versatility to them. Depending on things like the colour, the finish, the shape, metallic pieces can create an endless amount of “atmospheres” in a room.  They are also a great investment piece; even if you change the style of the furniture of your room, chances are that the metallic lighting fixture will still match.


We are subconsciously drawn to light: our eyes automatically go where the light is. So why not make the light fixture the centrepiece of the room? For a long time we had been seeing a rise in the popularity of inset lighting. That is now a thing of the past. Lighting fixtures as stylistic centrepieces is an inventive way to make your space unforgettable. When shopping, look for something that looks like it is completely bespoke. This will add a unique sense of character to your room and add a feeling of transcendence.  I really love the Artemide hanging lamp collection from Lampcommerce. These lamps are sleek, functional, and add sophistication to any room.

LED lightsLampCommerce

The popularity of LED lights has already been on the rise, but this year, is the year where they truly make their mark on the industry. Energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and flattering lighting all make LED lights a no brainer. The problem is, for a while, they were a bit of an eyesore; that all changes now. With the rising popularity in the bulbs themselves, more and more stylised LED lighting fixtures have emerged, putting an end to the preconceived notion that all LED lights are ugly. Now, you can have chic, polished light fixtures in your home that have all the benefits of LED lights.

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