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I know that bad photos can really turn people off a blog, so I always try to take the best shots I can.  I’m better than I was when I first started blogging, but by no means am I an expert, in fact I admit I tend to stick to the same camera settings most of the time, which is silly when I have a camera that is capable of much more.

So when Joe Blogs (the Blogger Network) invited me to a photography workshop for beginners in conjunction with Currys and Manchester Photographic I was really keen to go along and brush up on my skills and knowledge.


The bloggers present had varying levels of expertise, but the course covered all the important basics which probably suited the majority of us.  I’m happy to have finally taken my camera off ‘Auto’ and set it to manual and I now know how to adjust the focus myself rather than relying on the camera’s automatic setting and understand a bit about aperture and shutter speed, which can make a big difference to your final image.

For example, the picture on the left is of our tutor jumping, taken with a fast shutter speed, which captures a split second of the jump.  Whereas on a slower shutter speed, because a longer time passes from the moment the shutter opens till the moment it closes, you get the motion blur effect.

After taking us through the theory, we had some lunch and then our tutor led us over St Ann’s Square for the practical part of the day.  The Food & Drink Festival in Manchester was in full swing, so it was a good opportunity to put some of our newly acquired skills into action.


food stall



After a short while I felt less self-conscious about photographing everything.  Most people didn’t seem to notice us bloggers mingling amongst them, snapping their every move and mouthful of food!



Back at Manchester Photographic, we watched how post-editing can totally add an extra dimension to your pictures and it was impressive.  The software used was Lightbox, so I intend to check that out a bit more.

I’m really glad I went along, I met some nice people and learned plenty of new things about my camera, so it was definitely a great experience I would recommend to others interested in improving their photography.  You can see a bit more about our day on the Currys blog, too.





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