How to Make your Living Room Glow (without a Fireplace)

The days may be shorter, but this just provides us all with the opportunity to make the most of our winter evenings. There’s nothing like cuddling up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot tea and a snuggly blanket on these frosty nights – like the Danish ‘hygge‘ trend.  But what can you do to create that glow of warmth in your living room if you don’t have a fireplace?


Candles are a great start. Strategically placed candle arrangements use the fire element to a controlled effect, giving a soft glow to the room. Don’t go overboard though or your guests will wonder if there’s a power outage!

Your furnishings can also have a big impact. Look for soft furnishings with touchable fabrics that will invite your guests to sit down and get cosy. Faux fur is really popular at the moment, but you could also opt for 60’s inspired mohair throws or even a touch of rich velvet. Avoid anything polyester, which can be cool and slippery to the touch.

Think natural fibres and warm earth tones. Terracotta, coral, and ochre mimic the hues of a natural fire and add instant warmth. These also complement dark wood tones very nicely, if you wish to add maple or walnut accents to the décor.

You may not have room for a full-on fireplace, but a Table Fireplace is a warm (and stylish) alternative. This can be placed on your coffee or end table to provide a vibrant focal point to the room.

guest-4Designed by Philippi, the Table Fireplace uses natural elements including smooth river stones and glass. Fibreglass wick holders are propped up within the river stones, in a gently curved stainless steel basin for an architectural finish. You can then ignite the wicks to create a small, contained fire with a sleek glow, a sure-fire way to light up your living room. These make great housewarming presents as well!

Finally, you can use soft, moody lighting to create an ethereal glow, no filter needed. Pearl bulbs cast that inviting glow, while Softone bulbs can give the room a subtle yet warm pop of colour. If you have a basic floor lamp, you can place it behind the decorative object of your choice to give that backlit effect.

With a combination of lighting, colour, and tactile accessories, you can transform any living room into a warm haven without the hearth.

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