Furniture Village bedroom

My Dream Bedroom from Furniture Village

Furniture Village Dream Bedroom


It has been a while since I created a mood board, so I have really enjoyed doing this one for Furniture Village.  They asked me to create a mood board depicting my dream bedroom using some of the furniture and home accessories from their extensive range of products.

Top of the list for me would be a large comfy bed!  Our youngest still likes to hop in with us some (most) nights, so I couldn’t be doing with a normal sized double – it would need to be a Baku Super King bed for me!  I love its Scandinavian design with those clean lines.

Next up, storage for all our clothes, shoes and belongings.  I’m pretty good at purging the wardrobe and like my clothes to be organised, so I don’t tend to keep lots of stuff that I don’t wear much.  I think it’s a good habit to get into, however there have been a few occasions where I have regretted parting with some things (a French connection tunic and a pair of brown leather boots spring to mind!)

I think the Baku wardrobe is absolutely stunning – I’d have two of them!  With a slight, mid-century modern feel to their design, which is such a hot trend right now, they would look really sleek and streamlined in our bedroom.

Baku wardrobe

It would be great to get rid of our large built-in wardrobes and drawers and see these wardrobes placed in our alcoves instead, in addition to a Baku 5 drawer chest and a Baku side table.

I recently bought some new curtains and although they are not exactly traditional bedroom-style curtains, I do love their plain simplicity.  They are textured and quite a dark charcoal colour, but I think they would work in this room with the streamlined furniture, especially if we kept the walls light and bright.

We don’t have any pictures on the wall in our bedroom, so something quirky and colourful like the Chihuahua Oil Painting Picture would be fun.

A full length mirror, a gorgeous loft-style Cambridge Table Lamp and that amazing Spacedust Rug would perfectly accessorise the room.  How about this gorgeous textured Pebble cushion too, for the bed?

pebble cushionFinally, the gorgeous armchair to complete the look!  The Harlequin Marion Wing Chair on chestnut wood legs looks so utterly gorgeous.  I love that upholstered velvety fabric and truffle colour and the contrasting zigzag cushion and arm sides.  Stunning!

harlequin chair

So what do you think, could you enjoy sleeping in this room as much as me?

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