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British Gas recently worked with Channel 4 to share some great stories about people’s relationships with their home, resulting in a collection of short films called “Home Truths”. To celebrate the success of this series, they have been asking bloggers to share a story or ‘home truth’ from their abode, so here’s mine!

Ten years ago this month we moved into our current home – I can hardly believe a decade has passed, although on the other hand a lot has changed.  When we moved in, it was just Paul, me and our toddler son, Alex – who is now taller than me and turning into a teen next month.  

Our little family of 3 became 4 with the arrival of Gabriel in 2005 and then our third son, Beau was born in 2008.  It has become a much more busy, noisy (and messy!) house, but I wouldn’t change it for the world – all right, it would be a lot tidier in another world, but apart from that…

We have always been quite keen ‘home enthusiasts’ I guess you could say, often switching rooms around, changing wall colours and planning the next project, but family life has impacted on our project time and budget quite considerably.  I don’t mind admitting that our business became a casualty of the recession and as I had become a ‘stay at home mum’ by then, money was tight and our home became even more important to us. Together with our family unit, it was our refuge in an uncertain world.  Although a difficult time, I feel that lots of positives came out of us having to watch our pennies carefully and it forced us to think about our goals and priorities and taught us to be more frugal.  We looked more at upcycling things, bought off Ebay and got more hands on with DIY projects, trying to fix things before simply replacing them. It’s kind of how my blog started, too!  Dabbling in a bit of furniture painting and home improvement on the cheap – it definitely enabled us become more creative and appreciative of what we had.  Completing a project like wallpapering or fixing a leaky tap gave us a great sense of achievement!

There really is no place like home, so if you love yours you might like to see some of the videos over at the Home Truths Hub on the British Gas website.  I wanted to share this one about a couple starting out in their first – and maybe unconventional – home.  The years since Paul and I set up our first home together may have whizzed by, but watching this made me think back fondly.  Although we didn’t live on board, our first flat did look out over a canal and it was nice to see the boats drift by – what a great way to live!

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