My nifty nail bar

When I organised my dressing table drawer recently, I discovered quite a few nail polish bottles.

I didn’t want to just put them back, as I knew I had more in the bathroom and some in my make up bag.  Nail files and handcream were somewhere else entirely – little wonder I hardly ever give myself a manicure these days!

It was obvious I needed one place to keep all those nail items tidy; my own home ‘manicure station’.

Cue a bit of internet window shopping.  There are some good cosmetics storage items out there, for example I liked this John Lewis acrylic organiser, and at £12 it is better value than some others I have seen.

clear cosmetics organiser

I was tempted to just go ahead and order one, but didn’t want to have wait for it to arrive or go out to the store – I was after an instant solution!  Maybe there was something suitable I already had at home that I could use instead?

I did a quick ‘shopping trip’ around the house and considered various lidded boxes and baskets, but ideally I wanted to store items in compartments, so they wouldn’t get all jumbled up, with me scrabbling about the bottom of a container searching for what I wanted.

The acrylic nail caddy above is more like a desk organiser, so that reminded me that I actually had this one.

Metal desk tidy

It was from TK Maxx, in the discount section quite a while ago.

I was only keeping a few paper clips and envelopes in it, so I guessed it might just be up to the job of becoming my new mini nail bar!

Manicure station

Yep, it works a treat – after sorting through all my nail supplies, binning the colours I don’t use anymore and discarding the gloopy, old nail polishes – here are all my manicure items neatly stored together in one place.  So whenever I get a free 15 or 20 minutes now and feel like pampering my nails, I won’t have to spend half the time searching for all the various bits and bobs.

I also proved to myself that it is not always necessary to spend money on new storage to make an improvement.

Are there any ordinary household items you have re-purposed recently?

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