My Top 7 Dream Blogging Equipment & Accessories

grafea pink camera bag
Grafea pink leather camera bag

As I spend a large chunk of my working week blogging, it really helps to have the right set up in terms of an organised working area, so a nice desk space (which I’m currently making over – more on that soon!) and the right accessories and blogging equipment to enable me to work efficiently and effectively.  I have a fairly decent camera and computer, which are the vital items I couldn’t do without, but there are other things that would make my job easier and more enjoyable.  So I’ve been giving some thought to a ‘dream wishlist’ of bloggers’ items that I would love to have at my disposal.  Whether you are a blogger yourself, or maybe thinking about becoming one, have a read and see what you think about my technology and style choices:

1. Camera bag

As mentioned, I have a DSLR camera that I enjoy using, but it is a bit big and bulky and I don’t have a carry case for it.  When I take it out, it gets tossed into my handbag along with a notepad, pens, bottle of water etc.  Not ideal!  So I would really love a stylish camera bag to tote it around in.  Grafea leather camera bags look super-cool; forget about black, padded nylon holdalls that are all function and no aesthetics, the Grafea satchel-style camera bags look utterly fantastic, whether in pink (above), dark brown or the best-selling caramel version:

Grafea caramel camera bag

2.  A ‘state of the art’ monitor

I spend hours and hours each week working at a screen.  Too many hours in fact and I have paid the price recently with eye problems, including a twitchy eye from tiredness that lasted several weeks and currently some uncomfortable dryness in one eye which is preventing me from wearing my contact lenses at the moment.  As well as trying to reduce my screen time, something else that would really help is a new, cutting edge monitor.  Curved monitors, like the brand new Samsung 34″ SE790C  Monitor with HD resolution not only provide an immersive viewing experience, which is great for creative and visual projects, but the curvature matches that of the human eye, providing significantly more comfort.  It has ‘Flicker Free’ technology, too, which protects your eyes from the constant strain caused by flickering screens on conventional monitors.

SE790C Ultra WQHD LED Curved Monitor

In addition to those benefits, for multi-taskers like myself, you can change the panoramic display and instead split the screen into multiple spaces, for example having two windows side by side, or even viewing two different input sources on the screen at the same time.  This would really help me while I am researching a subject, or editing pictures whilst drafting blog posts.

3.  A Stylish Portable Case

Any blogger who has attended an event or workshop will know how essential a small portable suitcase is.  Whether you’re staying over the night before, or bringing home a haul of goodie bags, a compact Jelly Bean carry-on case would be ideal as they come in a wide range of fashionable colours and are also strong, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, featuring 360º swivel, silent running wheels.

Jelly Bean case

These great cases also have a sturdy, push-button telescopic handle and a built-in combination lock.  Creative sorts would I’m sure love the fact that you can personalise your case by colouring in some of the indents to form initials or a blog logo, and they can also be decorated by embedding beads or crystals.  I’d really love one of these funky cases for my blog travels!

 4.  Apple iPad mini with Retina Display

tablet for bloggers

For blogging and staying connected on the move, a tablet would be a fantastic addition to my kit, as I don’t have one yet.  I love the look and capabilities of the iPad mini with Retina Display as it is so small and light, with a super-sharp visual display and an all-day battery life – poor battery life is such a major headache for bloggers on the go.  Especially at a blog event where you are lucky to find a vacant plug socket!  I could slip this device easily into my bag, so it would be fantastic to transport – it has fast WIFI too and the fact that although I’m not really a vlogger, but would like to shoot the occasional bit of video, then I would be able to use the full HD video at a moment’s notice, its A7 processor making automatic adjustments to give me a great picture whenever and wherever.

5.  A Sony Xperia Z3 Smart Phone

sony xperia

The Sony Xperia Z3 would perfectly meet my needs as a blogger; there are just so many great features to  it.  It’s waterproof for a start, so taking pictures in the rain?  Not a problem – and since I take a lot of pictures and it rains plenty here in the UK, that’s a feature not to be underestimated!  Of course, I could also capture exceptional pictures in any light with this smart phone’s camera and even record steady videos on the move, enjoying two days of battery life at the same time (two days!).  This phone even comes in a bang-on trend copper case option, so what’s not to love?!

sony colours

6.  Stylish Blog Planning Stationery

blog planners

I’m a bit of a stationery freak, I know a lot of you will understand – especially if you also collected scented erasers as a child, or used to arrange the colours of your pencils or felt tips according to the rainbow!  There’s nothing like a nice new notebook or wall planner to get me motivated to crack on with my ‘to do’ list or start scheduling my work commitments and the nicest blogger stationery items I’ve come across so far are from Lollipop Designs; their ‘Big Planner Bundle’ available at Not On The High Street makes my heart skip a beat!

7.  Samsung Galaxy Camera with WIFI & 3G

galaxy camera 2

I know I mentioned earlier about wanting a lovely camera bag for my DSLR, however sometimes I just don’t have the space about my person to bring my large camera, especially if I’m deliberately trying to travel light, or I know I’m going to be weighted down with a suitcase and a holdall.  It’s on those occasions where I sometimes wish I had a smaller camera to capture photos for my blog.  I love the look and the spec of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, with is hyper-connectivity, meaning you can edit and upload superb images super-easily.  It not only looks stylish and professional, it isn’t bulky and has a fantastic 21x zoom, plus you can record great quality video with it.

So that’s a round up of my dream blogging equipment and accessories, things that would really make my life easier and so much more stylish – what do you think, do you agree with my choices?  Are there any other fantastic accessories or bits of kit that I shouldn’t be without?  I’d love to hear about your favourite hi-tech gadgets and style statements, whether you are a blogger or not.

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