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Having heard lots about Valspar paint, which is exclusively available at B&Q stores nationwide, I was keen to try it – especially when I discovered that the premium paint is washable and even scrubbable – it sounds like the perfect emulsion for a home with three boys in it!  So you can imagine my delight at being invited to take part in the recent #Valspar3DChallenge for bloggers, with the aim of getting us to be braver with colour and try something to ‘Colour Outside the Lines’.

Research shows that as a nation, our homes are rather beige. 78% of homeowners choose to predominately paint their homes in cream, white or neutral shades and one in five of us are actually scared to use colour in our homes.  I agree that it can seem a little daunting and I really had to think about how to introduce some colour in a creative way.

My eventual plan was to do a workspace makeover; I wanted to inject some life into the blank little corner of the kitchen where I work, using a shade that would inspire me, but without looking out of place, as it is still the kitchen after all.  After lots and lots of pondering and trawling through Pinterest for inspiration, my gut-feeling was to do something pinky-peach or coral and perhaps create a slightly geometric design.

Eventually I narrowed it down and my inspiration was this particular image, from the blog ‘Bettina Holst‘. Isn’t it lovely and doesn’t the grey and pink work so well together?


So design chosen, my next step was to collect some tester pots from the Valspar counter at our local B&Q.   I picked existing colours from the vast array of paint swatches, but with Valspar’s unique tinting technology you can in fact have any colour matched, so if for example you had a favourite midnight blue t-shirt you wanted to replicate the colour of, you can do that.  Just take it in-store and let the Valspar wizards do their magic – the colour is scanned and recreated in paint form so you’ll leave the store with an exact match.

valspar counter

When I tried out my testers back home, the right shade seemed to be the lovely peachy-pink, called ‘Peach Blush’.  I returned to the store to collect some more of this shade and also a container of Brilliant White.

Back home again, I painted the whole area in Valspar’s Brilliant White premium paint, which went on nice and smooth and quickly – I used the Harris Icon range, which is cleverly designed for ease of use which means effortless painting with fast results!  I was excited to receive this Harris Icon pack as part of my Valspar challenge, including the Harris Icon brush set and roller set.  The products were both light and comfortable to use, and were the perfect painting tools to use with Valspar paint.  Great tools can make a huge difference and the paint glided on effortlessly with no bristle loss.  They were also incredibly easy to clean.  (The range is also available at B&Q.)

Harris set

I felt the wall ideally needed a second coat, so as soon as it was dry I whizzed over the area again and the result was a perfect and even snowy white.  After letting that second coat dry, my husband helped me and we masked off some angles on the two walls that make the corner, it looked a bit like a mini-mountain range.  There was no measuring or technicalities to it, we just whopped it on, using our trusty roll of green Frog tape (which is very good at stopping paint seeping underneath) and then I rollered on the Peach Blush paint, taking a small brush to the corners and the edges.

Green tape2

At this stage it was still a bit hard to tell, with that green outline, whether the design was going to work, but I pressed on and another coat of Peach Blush added some extra depth to the wall.  The exciting part was slowly peeling off that green tape and – yay! – thankfully it had done its job and we’d created a lovely crisp line.


I loved it!  The Brilliant White and Peach Blush looked really fresh next to each other and the new colour is quite an invigorating shade, which the space was definitely lacking before.  Colour can really affect your mood and as I sat in my corner I felt like my work area was defined and zoned now, plus there’s a nice stimulating feel to that pinky hue, which I’m sure will help me feel inspired and creative when I work away on my blog.

Of course, the space needed some extras bringing in to personalise it, so we have added a white gloss floating shelf to help keep my things organised, I’ve also got a metal tray noticeboard above the PC and some Cable & Cotton string lights, all are items I already had but they were being used elsewhere.




I really, really love sitting here now and I’m glad we went with the angles design, rather than just paint the whole of the two walls, somehow it just suits my workspace makeover, so if you have a paint project coming up, be brave – you might just love it!

Thanks to Valspar for supplying the materials for this project.  For more information visit the website

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