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Did you know that, on average, women supposedly spend 208 hours a year cleaning their homes, which equates to nearly 13,000 hours over their lifetime – that’s a year and a half of a woman’s life spent cleaning!  The men’s average was twice as low, only clocking up around 6,500 hours over their whole lifetime.

Whichever way you look at it, that’s a long time to spend scrubbing away in our homes, so any opportunity to cut the cleaning time should be seized wholeheartedly! Not that you should down your dusters and throw away the marigolds but when it comes to upgrading things like your floors or a new kitchen or bathroom then go for the low maintenance option.

If you’re thinking of updating your floors this is the ideal time to take a look into flooring solutions that require minimal care and attention, which unfortunately means that carpets are banned! They collect dust, dirt and bacteria, are easily stained and wear out quicker than most flooring options. They also command a lot of care and attention to keep them looking great, with regular hoovering and the occasional deep clean.

Here are some low maintenance alternatives:

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is by far one of the best options when it comes to flooring; it looks great, its cheap and its incredibly low maintenance. It’s less than half the price of solid wood flooring and it’s cheaper than carpet too. It’s relatively easy to install and it needs very little care and attention – hoovering and mopping is about as extreme as it gets. Laminate won’t fade in the sunlight and it’s very resistant to stains and scratches – what’s not to like?

 Engineered Wood Flooring

Although compared to laminate, this is a more expensive option, buy from a reputable company like the flooring specialists at Posh Flooring and you won’t have to replace it for decades, far outliving laminate and carpet. It’s a lot more hygienic than carpet and most importantly, very easy to clean. A simple sweep or hoover of the floor will keep it looking like new and a damp mop will pick up any dirt or spillages.

Vinyl Flooring

Similar to laminate in price, it’s perhaps the most hygienic flooring option for your home. It’s incredibly easy to clean and very hard to stain! Of all the flooring options, it’s the least likely candidate to harbour bacteria as there’s nowhere for it to hide, no cracks between tiles or thick carpet pile for it to build up in.

If you want to add a little creative flair to your floors then vinyl is the way to go, with an almost infinite number of styles, patterns and colours available you can completely customise your floor incorporating borders and shapes into your design.

All three of these options are relatively easy to install without calling in the professionals. So once your DIY floor is laid you can put your feet up and start lowering that 208 hour cleaning total!

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