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Everyone has to shop for gifts at one time or another and tracking down something different can often be a headache.  Especially as you tend to see a lot of the same stuff and it’s not always very original.  Or so I thought, until I was recently introduced to an online gift shop with a difference.  Step forward Flamingo Gifts!

This lovely website has an array of gift ideas for everyone.  There are funny, kitsch and retro gifts as well as versatile and stylish ones, plus a lot of items I’ve not seen before, which is what makes this gift shop stand out for me.

Flamingo Gifts invited me to pick a few things to review and since I’ve been coveting one of these for a while, I chose a retro telephone in concrete grey with orange buttons and wire.  A replica of the original GPO telephones of the 1960s, it takes me back to my childhood – we had a green one of these in the seventies – and my kids absolutely love this one too, they think its so novel and old-fashioned, in a good way!


retro phone

Not only does it look pretty cool, it’s the one phone in the house we can’t ever lose!  When someone calls and I can’t find our other wireless handsets, I always know that this one is plugged into the same place in our hall.  Brilliant!  It has a traditional mechanical ring too for an extra nostalgia-factor, but instead of a dial these days the numbers are modern push button ones.

The little Wooden Owl Coaster Set I picked also has a retro feel, with its little stacking box.  Just what everyone needs for their coffee table.


The other gift I was sent is the sleek and stylish Umbra Anigram Giraffe Ring Holder; it feels like smooth stone, with little chrome feet. It is very petite and looks so lovely and dainty on my dressing table – it would also be great by the sink when you are washing up.  You can choose from a range of animals, but I particularly liked the giraffe.

ring holder

ring holder

Just to give you an idea of the range of goodies you will discover if you head over to Flamingo Gifts for a browse, here are some of my other favourite finds:

gift ideas

But that’s just a small sample, so make sure you view all the departments next time you are gift hunting!

Big thanks to Flamingo Gifts and I’ve bookmarked you for the future!

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