Our Composite Front Door One Year On

It is actually a little over a year since I won a blog competition where the prize was a brand new composite door from Yale so I thought it would be handy to give an update and tell you how we have found using it over the past months.


We were so thrilled at the time as our old door needed replacing urgently.  It was the original door from when the house was built in the 1930s.

Out with the old, in with the new
Out with the old, in with the new

We wanted a front door with character, so we opted for the Edwardian Four Pane design with decorative glass which allows plenty of light in.  We kept to black – not very adventurous maybe, but it never dates, always looks smart and matches in with our guttering and the porch canopy above.  The weatherproof finish looks as good as it did when fitted, with that smart woodgrain finish.


On the inside the door is white which again suits our décor perfectly.


The door is extremely chunky, strong and sturdy.  Draughts are now a thing of the past which was an immediately noticeable improvement.  I feel so much safer in the house with this door.  We have a knocker with a spyhole and a chain so we can open the door partially if we wish.


The feature that has been really wonderful is the Yale key free handle.  To access our home without a key, with the simple press of a button on our key fob, or by entering a code on the keypad has been fantastic.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to rush out of the door in the morning and not have to worry about remembering to take your key.  Even just taking the rubbish out on a windy day – how many times have you been locked out when a gust of wind slams the door shut?  I can remember having to climb on top of a bin and through the kitchen window when I was pregnant after that happened!  Well those days are gone with the key free handle.

Our teenager can let himself in after school without any problem, he just keys in the code – if he’d been given a key, I’m not sure how many times he would have lost it by now.

What about battery failure, I hear you say?  Well, it hasn’t happened yet, but doors with the Yale Keyfree handle also receive two manual override keys, for a concealed lock.

We have had lots of comments about our ‘talking door’ whenever delivery drivers drop parcels off or the kids’ friends come round.  There is female voice that tells us when the door is securely locked.

A quick funny story – when we first got the door, my husband let the younger kids think it was a magic voice-activated door and told them to say ‘Open door’ when they wanted to enter.  He would stand behind them with the key fob and this went on for weeks, which was fine until they came home with someone else and stood on the step saying ‘Open door!’ lots of times and nothing happened 🙂  Think they twigged then.  We were reluctant to give them the door code as children have a habit of letting things slip, but there are ways you can protect the code and you can set up a different, temporary code, for example if you have workmen needing to let themselves in – then when they’ve finished and gone you can disable the temporary code.

I wanted to put a nice Christmas wreath on our door this year, but obviously didn’t want to damage it so it was great to discover that a simple door wreath hanger fits easily on the top and holds our wreath in place.Bespoke_door

So twelve months plus down the road and we are still delighted with how our door is performing and looking.

Collaborative post – all words and opinions are genuine and my own.

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