Pallet art, pirate style!

Pinterest boards are wonderful things, but the trouble is that sometimes they provide just too much inspiration (I guess that should be pinspiration…?)

As was the case with my ‘pallet style’ art project.  A couple of blog posts back, I was mulling over mottos and words to stencil on to the square wooden panel I’d found in our loft.  I just couldn’t decide what to put on the blank canvas.

Blank canvas

Since it was intended for the boys’ playroom, it had to be appropriate to them, of course – nothing too soppy with love hearts and such like!

So it was agreed by all that a pirate themed slogan would be a good one.

I played around with different fonts for the wording and was going to print them out onto card and make my own stencils, when I remembered how to save myself the trouble.

Emma Kate at Painted Style had recently added some words onto her vintage crates and rather than stencilling, she had used simple carbon copy paper to trace the lettering onto the wood, before painting.

So that’s what I did and it was so much quicker than if I had cut all those letters out (thanks for the top tip @Painted Style!)

Pirate art

I used random paints to do the filling in – the grey is Annie Sloan chalkpaint,  the black is ordinary blackboard paint and the red is an acrylic eggshell, all on a back drop of chalkpaint wash.

I traced the little anchor from a craft book I have.

Pallet Art

Ok, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so looking at it now I think the lettering could have been positioned slightly better (I didn’t measure anything and did it all by eye).

I probably could have gone bigger with the font sizes, too, but hey ho – home made is all about the imperfections, right?  The boys won’t notice, I’m sure.

It was a good practice piece, if nothing else – and I’d really like to make some different ones with the 3 other panels I’ve got left.

Anyone else been making some nifty, thrifty home-made artwork this weekend? 🙂

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