The Perfect Presents For Gardening Lovers!

If you’re looking for the perfect present for your green fingered loved one, family member or friend then look no further. Gardening is one of those hobbies that everyone can enjoy but whether it’s a small, easy to maintain backyard, an allotment, or even a large garden with different sections, finding the perfect present can be tricky. Here, GetPotted give their hot tips for the perfect gardening presents for this Christmas.

The average garden size is 14m2 here in the United Kingdom, with an average of £1.4 billion spent by customers on gardening products each year; gardening is a hugely popular trade and ensuring gardening lovers have the best products in their arsenal is the best way to ensure they are doing a good job.  Here we run through a few ideal presents to let your gardening lover get their fingers green in 2017.

Gardening Gift Hamper

Whether you create your own or find one online, a hamper is the ideal present at Christmas as you can personalise it with items that you know will be suitable! You can find a lot of great ideas across Pinterest and Etsy for ways to create your own personalised hamper. Some of the products that could be added are gardening tools such as pruners, spades, shovels, trugs, and other accessories. You could even fill it with plant food, seeds and a gardening tips book to get them geared up for the new year’s gardening.

Clothes and Accessories

Whether it’s a pair of wellington boots, overalls or a jacket, having a special set of clothes to garden in that isn’t just some old clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty can make the whole thing seem less of a chore and more like something you enjoy. Find a jumper that matches their personality, this Hoe Hoe Hoe Christmas sweatshirt would be the ideal gift to make their gardening days even better.

Self-Watering Planter

Sometimes it’s the maintenance of the plants that can be the hardest thing about keeping up appearances in our gardens, even for the most avid of gardeners it can still be tedious ensuring that each of their plants has had enough water. A self-watering planter could be the ideal gift this Christmas, taking the hassle out of watering and ensure the plants are taken care of for up to twelve weeks. They also come in a range of colours and designs, just like ordinary planters, offering a design that suits everyone and the look that each individual goes for in their garden.

Art Work

To make their garden extra special all year around, subtle pieces of art work might be the perfect addition, and these could make the perfect gift. Whether it’s a vintage sign that you think would fit in perfectly amongst the shrubbery, or even a statue or something more elaborate to make their Christmas all the more special, knowing that they can enjoy their garden even in the colder weather.

Last updated 8 December 2017

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