Playroom before and after

Our conservatory is a good play space for the boys, especially in finer weather when we fling open the glass doors and they can run in and out of the garden.

It is very light and airy, but was looking bland and disorganised.

So we de-cluttered the room and gave the walls a new paint colour.  As well as the bunting that I recently embellished with iron-on numbers, we put up an inexpensive wall clock, which reminds me of an old style school one, and an Ikea Dignitet curtain wire we already had.  It’s a nice, simple way to display children’s paintings and drawings.

Playroom wall

Two little retro school chairs I bought off Ebay are the perfect size for our 7 and 4 year olds to sit and play at a low table.  They are quite shabby, but I like their well worn look.  At the moment I’m quite into numerals stencilled onto furniture, so I made my own stencils and just added ‘2nd’ to one chair back and ‘3rd’ to the other (since they are for our 2nd and 3rd born boys!).  I used one coat of blackboard paint, blotting some of it off onto kitchen paper before dabbing it on with a small brush.  This helped prevent any paint runs and also gave more of a faded ink, type-face look.

When I saw an idea for a lego play table on Pinterest recently, I knew it was something that Santa should bring our boys!  He kindly obliged with a cheerful green Ikea Lack side table (the green one is only £5 in the UK at the moment and I love the colour) with a stuck on grey lego base board.

Lego table

Lego Table

This plain white bookcase got a little facelift with some spare wallpaper I had, that co-ordinated with the colours in the room.  I just slipped it in between the back and the shelves and stuck the corners down with sticky pads.  We also thinned out the books considerably, as it was groaning under the weight of too many.

Wallpapered bookcase

Wallpaper lined bookcase

As well as the school chairs, another Ebay find of mine was this storage ottoman/chest.  It was covered with faux suede, in a very pale blue.

faux suede ottoman

It wasn’t in bad condition, but I just didn’t like the fabric or colour.  Using an old curtain offcut, I was able to re-cover it.  It was really straightforward since the offcut left over from the playhouse project was a perfect size to cover the front and sides (I may recover the back eventually, but its not essential as can’t be seen).

I simply stapled the fabric around the inside edge and underneath the ottoman, smoothing it as  I went along.   Then I re-covered the padded seat/lid in the same way.  The colours tone in with the wall colour and one of the curtain tab tops was perfect as a lid lifting loop!

So, this is how the room looks now.

Playroom After

It is almost finished, but there is one final thing I’d like to create for the bare wall – and that is some pallet art.  I’ve seen lots of lovely inspiration on Pinterest, and some very expensive examples for sale at ‘Not on the High’ so I’m looking forward to having a go at making my own.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the less cluttered and more open, brighter space.  It makes me happy that even though it was all pretty low-cost, it has still made an impact – that’s definitely my favourite kind of project.


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