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When I was recently introduced to the website of Lumea Home, their liquid wax candles were a completely new concept to me.  Perhaps they are to you, too?  If you love to burn candles in your home, then Lumea Home’s innovative and stylish lamps could be for you.  They feature a real flame that is fuelled by highly refined coconut oil.  Smoke free and with a long burn time, they even self-extinguish if knocked over.

Lumea has been providing beautiful, clean candlelight to some of the most luxurious hotels, spas and restaurants for years, so it is exciting to know they are available for us to enjoy in our own homes now, too.  The liquid wax cartridges are unscented, which means they are especially ideal for a table setting where you wouldn’t want an overpowering fragrance interfering with the smell and taste of your meal.

Lumea Home kindly sent me a sample lamp to see up close and try out at home, the aptly named Eternity Long Candle Lamp.  With a very chic mirrored glass shade that produces endless twinkling candlelight reflections, it’s a striking and glamorous piece of home decor.  It looks and feels very high quality and it arrived in time to perfectly complement my newly decorated, dark feature wall.

black chimney breast

Measuring 130 x 270mm, it fits perfectly on our mantelpiece and makes a stunning feature.  It also comes complete with four Lumea Liquid Wax Candles.  When lit, the lamp creates such a soothing, beautiful effect, as your eyes are tricked by the optical illusion and there appears to be many more candles than four!


I also love the fact that the liquid wax candles are mess free, there’s none of the dripping associated with traditional candles (and no smoke or soot, too) – plus they burn much longer than tealight candles!  (Up to 18 hours in fact.)  And of course, the sealed bottles are designed to fit Lumea Home’s wide range of luxury candle lamps.  When finished, you can simply replace the bottle – and there’s no waste because every drop of wax is used.  A set of 6 replacement bottles costs just £7.50.

liquid wax candle


Lumea Home are pleased to offer readers of Tidy Away Today a special discount code giving you a discount of £5 off a £30 spend.  Simply add the code TIDY5 to take advantage of this saving, which is valid until the end of May.

As well as the gorgeous Long Eternity Candle Lamp, you might be tempted by a pair of smaller Eternity lamps, or one of many other eye catching designs, either as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone.

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Thank you to Lumea Home for a great collaboration!

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