‘Reclaim Your Room’ with Kaleidoscope

I was recently invited to select and style a few things in my home from Kaleidoscope, as part of their campaign to ‘Reclaim Your Room’.  The idea behind it is to revitalise a space in your home, whether it is just a small corner or an entire room, that is feeling a bit unloved and under used.  Perhaps you are an ’empty nester’ whose kids have gone to university and you find yourself with a spare bedroom.  Or, as in my case, the front room has been taken over by the children and lost its identity.

Our front room is probably one of my favourites in the house, I like the size and layout, plus it has a nice fire and a bay window that lets in lots of light.  It used to feel cosy and was our main living room when we first moved in.  But recently, it has been taken over by the boys with their action figures, art materials and Playstation.  To help control the chaos, I brought a large chest into the room and a set of drawers for storage, the idea being that in the evening we can do a quick tidy up, put things away and be able to enjoy using the room evenings after the boys have gone to bed.

But after I’d addressed the storage, it was still feeling quite plain and needed a few nice furnishings to make it more inviting.

So I browsed online at Kaleidoscope and soon found a few things that have really done the trick!  With a spend of £100, I feel I’ve managed to warm it up with a bit of a woodland theme which is both on-trend and a nice look for autumn/winter.  First off, I loved the cushions as soon as I saw them.

The colours and texture are a good match for our curtains and with a fox on one and a stag on the other, I couldn’t resist.  At £20 each, I think they are a good buy.  I hadn’t realised when I ordered them that they have a faux leather backing, so they should be quite hardwearing, as well as stylish which is a double win!

The wool Stag rug at £35 is another nice woodland touch and adds a bit of warmth underfoot which was definitely lacking.  You can get it in a larger size which would have been nice, but I was sticking to a budget.

Stag rug

My final purchase was a decorative candleholder (£25), which adds a touch of glamour with its warm metal tones and mosaic style glass balls.

It feels like the room is definitely more welcoming and I love how it was such an instant transformation.  So, now it’s your turn – how would you like to WIN £250 for simply creating your own Reclaim Your Room Pinterest board? You can click here to enter now and take a look at Kaleidoscope’s #ReclaimYourRoom Pinterest board for inspiration…



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