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We may be approaching spring, but despite the welcome sunshine recently, there’s still a nip in the air and the weather can be quite changeable. I can’t wait for the new season to arrive and have been ‘faffing’ around my house, finding a few ways to refresh the space.

According to research undertaken by E.ON, bad weather causes more than three quarters of Brits to put off outdoor activities and errands, yet more than half feel guilty for spending lots of time sitting around at home.

I think the solution is to see what changes you can make indoors to make you feel good. I’m not alone in this – apparently almost three quarters of us enjoy making our homes more cosy in winter by adding throws or lighting candles. (Funnily enough, though, we are less likely to take measures to help our home’s energy efficiency during cold or wet weather, apparently. This does surprise me a little, since I just had our boiler serviced yesterday!)

How I make my home cosy

The living room is one place I always love to add a few little seasonal updates. This year, I’ve kept spending to a minimum and have simply bought a brightly coloured coral throw for the sofa, which is super soft and only cost £5 from Wilko.

The cheerful fresh tulips I bought at Tesco were also just a fiver and the little tealight holder came in at the bargain price of £2.50 (again from Wilko).

Other things I like to do include buying a new scented candle, some handwash for each of the sinks and a new hand towel or two in a bright colour or pattern. It’s the little things, after all! I also find a good spring clean brightens the home immensely – at the moment I’m tackling all the windows on the inside and steam cleaning our hard floors.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have also seen that I have a budget kitchen makeover planned for spring. I’ll be using elements such as paint, new cupboard handles and replacement worktops for an affordable new look in the kitchen.

I also like to make the bedrooms more cosy at this time of year, with some new bedding snagged in the sales and ensuring our heavier tog duvets are still on the beds for now. As our boiler is getting a bit old, I’ve been considering upgrading it and getting a smart thermostat like tado° from E.ON. This would be brilliant as we could turn the heating on even whilst out of the house, so it’s nice and warm to come back to.

Win a £150 John Lewis Gift Card

So now it’s over to you… I’ve partnered with E.ON to find out what measures YOU take to brighten YOUR home and give it a fresh look or a cosy feel; ideas that maybe even make you feel more productive, too?

I’d love you to share with me what your own refreshing home ideas or life hacks are to make your place feel welcoming – you can tell me in a blog comment below, or better still, why not show me a photo of a room or corner of your home that you’ve refreshed or made cosy recently.

My favourite refresh idea (comment or photo) will receive a wonderful £150 John Lewis Gift Card, courtesy of E.ON.

The Rules

To enter, please follow the steps below, taking note of the Terms & Conditions

  1. Follow @thisistidylife on Twitter here or Instagram here
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  3. Share your home refresh top tip either in the blog comments below OR post your refresh idea photo on Twitter or Instagram
  4. Remember to tag in @thisistidylife or use the hashtag #myenergyrefresh so I can find your entry!

That’s it and you have until 16.3.19 at 11.00pm to get your entries in. A winner will be chosen and notified thereafter.

Terms & Conditions

This is a joint promotion by #tidylife and E.ON which is open to UK entrants only aged 18 and over. The competition is open from 8/3/19 to 11.00pm on 16/3/18. Entries received after the Closing Date will not be counted. The winner will be selected from all valid entries for this giveaway received before the Closing Date. If the winner does not respond within 7 days of being contacted, a new winner will be chosen. The decision of #tidylife is final. E.ON is the sponsor of this giveaway and is responsible for prize fulfilment. The prize is non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives to the prize in whole or in part. #tidylife will select and contact the winner by email or direct message to arrange delivery. Copyright to any photo entries will remain with the entrant but the entrant licences E.ON to use their photographs to promote the brand across websites and social media. 

In the meantime you can discover more inspiration to refresh your home and re-energise over on E.ON’s Energy Refresh webpage where they have recently partnered with lovely fitness expert, Alice Liveing. Alice has been giving her own top tips to inspire you – not only with a home energy refresh, but to give you a boost personally, too, with energising stretches and nutritious food ideas. If you follow @eonenergyUK on Instagram you’ll be able to see Alice’s helpful videos.

I look forward to seeing your entries!

Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by E.ON, to help advertise their wide range of products and services available for your home. Although I was paid for this post, all views are my own. 

© Copyright 2019 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: #tidylife
  1. Followed both on Twitter. My tip for refreshing a room would be to put up a new picture or wall hanging.

  2. #myenergyrefresh A multicolored rug as a centerpiece producing many accents for the rest of the room.

  3. New throw, cushion covers and perhaps a vase in a vibrant colour refreshes the lounge – but if space allows moving the furniture around makes a really amazing difference. #tidylife

  4. Spending just 15 minutes a day cleaning and decluttering 1 area in my home adds up over the week and helps keep me keep my home tidy and organised.

  5. #myenergyrefresh My top tip is to keep walls and furniture neutral so you can refresh easily with a splash of colour from some pretty accessories, such as flowers, a painting, some nice candles and a lovely throw.

  6. I have bought some new cushions picking out the pattern of the curtains and they seem to brighten up the sitting room.

  7. I wash all my curtains, shampoo the carpets and bring in daffodils and tulips to brighten it all up again.

  8. Some new accessories like blankets and cushions make a difference, as do putting up some different pictures.

  9. Always do a job list of all your spring cleaning stuff then you’ll have massive satisfaction when your all ticked off And nothing gets left out with a list x

  10. I clean the house weekly but I like to focus on one room per week and give it a real good deep clean, that always gives it a sense of being refreshed at least once a month.

  11. Changing cushion covers for a different but complimentary colour and adding in some fresh flowers in a similar colourway gives a nice cheap refresh

  12. I find a spring clean and then a lick of paint on skirting boards and door frames really helps to brighten up the house!

  13. To refresh my house every once in a while I keep the walls magnolia but change the accessories. Therefore it doesn’t cost loads nor take lots of time up! Add a fresh set of flowers and it’s all fresh and new. This would be super handy as my daughters room is due to be completed for her to move into it at 7.5 months. I love John Lewis baby bedroom items.

  14. Get some new indoor plants to bring some life indoors and refresh the air inside #myenergyrefresh (Twitter handle @BGcat14)

  15. If I can’t afford to update and refresh my home I would actually move things around and try to make a minimal look as much as I can, it’s a nice feeling seeing how ‘new’ a room could look by changing things around! I would also buy a couple of pretty colour ornaments to put on window shelves!

  16. #myenergyrefresh mix it up a little even small changes like different picture in the frames, swapping a rug from one room to another, changing cupboards for easier storage, or moving the furniture round a little just gives your room an energy refresh without spending a penny x

  17. I have different cushions and curtains for each season! I have beautiful Pastel colours for Spring, Bright plain colours for Summer and novelty designs for winter and for Autumn i have sunset colours. Its amazing to see the difference each season when you change the colours around the house x

  18. I add a little of my favourite perfume to the top of my radiators in my home and they give off an amazing smell for days!

  19. I ve started refreshing my dinning room chairs by covering them with new fabric, adding a touch of colour to plain wooden chairs.

  20. I always get a carpet cleaner in the Spring to freshen them up and I do love diffusers for scenting each room.

  21. My top tip is to look far and wide for inspiration, from things not even home related! You never know, it can help inject some new energy into the room/house. I’ve just moved into my new place and I’m really enjoying Pinterest boards to gather ideas and help me to make considered decoration decision

  22. A quick touch up with paint every few years as it covers scratches and chips, cushions, flowers and scented reeds all make it smell and look lovely.

  23. I always change my curtains and cushions in the spring and autumn. It really changes the look of the room – I also change the fragrances of my candles – spring flowers in the spring and autumn and winter scents in the autumn.

  24. We keep small tubs of paint for touching up the walls (when the kids drag things along them as they do) and I think colour really brightens and changes a room so its fab to have some bring cushions or a colourful rug in the living room to make it feel cosy and bright, along with some bright daffodils or tulips in a vase (it is the season after all) #myenergyrefresh

  25. I love plants and set bulbs to bring in for the Winter when there are not so many cut flowers to get from the allotment, i also keep my houseplants looking fresh and spruced up and look out for current containers for them – i like growing small plants in candle holders at the moment!

  26. use baking soda on the carpet to get rid of any smells and freshen up #myenergyrefresh
    twitter: @sarahgrainger14

  27. Freshly washed curtains & sparkling clean windows, new sofa cushions and throws, & a vase of fresh flowers on the table works wonders.

  28. A new feature wall makes a massive difference. We changed the wallpaper in one small area of one room and we transformed it!

  29. I love feature walls; my house is full of them. Mirrors opposite windows, but not where they can reflect direct sunlight and something a little different’ scrubbing kitchen tiles with a fresh cut lemon dipped in sea salt! All very fresh ideas that I utilise. (@xxfluffywhitexx on Twitter)

  30. This year I swapped my curtains around between my bedroom and living room, to give a completely different look to each room! I Picked up a new throw and some cushions to complete the looks!

    In the past I’ve changed my rugs around and paired with white bedding and new cushions to make the room work.

  31. I swapped the curtains between my bedroom and living room to get a completely new look. Bought some new cushions and a throw to complete the look.

  32. To bring a room to life, we think you need to bring life to the room – in the form of living greenery, rather than cushions, air fresheners and scented candles.

    Our species evolved for millions of years surrounded by the green calming cues of nature and its seasonal cycles, and arguably live unnatural lives in sterile airtight boxes detatched from the things that bring us peace.

    So every spring, our window sills and propagators are a living nursery of seedlings and cuttings, all full of promise and hope for a colourful and (literally) fruitful year.

  33. Flowers flowers flowers
    I always try to have fresh seasonal flowers in the hall when when you first walk in to my house. Great way to reflect the time of the year soon as you enter @running_manc_mum

  34. I’ve done a few things so far this spring as I’m on maternity leave and being in the house more makes me want to constantly make changes and refresh. I’ve bought air purifying plants for my bedroom; garden mum, spider plant and aloe Vera. I also bought a large raised bed which I’ve put in my front porch and filled with beautiful coloured flowers, I’ll maybe put outside when the weather improves bit everybody loves it in the house. I’ve also changed everyones bedding. Bright white, but the girls have detail on theirs. It made a massive difference to how bright and airy the rooms felt and still matched everyone’s decor.

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