Which Renewable Energy Source is the Best?

windmillBy now everyone should have heard of Renewable Energy. The saving grace when it comes to trying to combat global warming and decrease our demand for fossil fuels. In 2016’s first quarter renewable energy produced just over 25% of the country’s electricity.

But which renewable energy sources are the best?

What does being the best actually mean?

The best renewable energy is that which is excellent and the most desirable. There are many factors to consider when making the decision. The cost, the accessibility, the advantages for your business and its effectiveness. So which renewable energy source is right for you and your business?

Wind Power

Simply harnessing wind power and turning it into electricity makes wind power a renewable energy source. Powering 500 homes with just one turbine, wind farms (groups of wind turbines) are now situated throughout the UK and even offshore in some regions. This source of renewable energy has no fuel costs and can produce large amounts of electricity per capita. However, in the fight to be the best renewable energy source it is noisy, heavily dependent on weather and very very costly. For a small turbine enough to power a business, costs can range from £3,000 for a roof mounted turbine to £30,000.

Solar Power

solar-panelSolar panel electricity system, known also as Solar PV (photovoltaic), is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. Converting the sunlight’s UV Rays to electricity, solar energy can heat your home or office, save you money on your power bill and your power can even be sold back to the national grid. The only down side to this energy source is that obviously it does not work at night, because it’s dark. It can also be quite costly to start up but the reduced carbon footprint and power bill will be worth it.


Moving water through rivers, lakes and dams may sound simple but using gravity to generate hydropower and electricity is one of the most complicated ways of producing energy. However, on top of being one of the most expensive energy sources, there are also problems with finding the right area to house the dam. It isn’t exactly accessible to small homes or business if they are considering building their own Hydro-electricity source yet, large damns built away from town can produce a huge amount of electricity. In the USA Hydro-electricity produces 6.4% of their overall energy. So it isn’t all bad even if it costs an arm and a leg.

Nuclear Power

We know that anyone and everyone has heard of nuclear power. The renewable which has caused nearly as many arguments as Brexit. But is it worth the argument?

Currently 19% of the UK’s electricity is produced by Nuclear Power. With this percentage in mind what could possibly be wrong with nuclear energy? Well for a start as with every other renewable there is the issue of cost. Each nuclear power station costs a minimum of £1.5 billion. So maybe not the best for powering your business on a budget. On top of this there are many worries about safety of the nuclear power stations. At present the idea of using nuclear energy to power businesses on a small scale is too far into the future for us to know whether it will work.


wood chipsIt has to be said that for long term sustainable energy, lower costs and a reduced need for fossil fuels, the best choice seems to be biomass. Biomass is the using of materials such as biological material, plant matter (dead trees, woodchips), animal matter and biodegradable waste to produce energy. It sounds smelly and it is but the advantages are that your business can run on a fuel that is always available. It is as simple as that! The only real disadvantage is the setup can take some expert knowledge and planning.

So what do you think? Which renewable energy source is the best and which shouldn’t even get a second thought? For a look into what D-Energi can do for your business energy needs, visit www.d-energi.com today!

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