'Arco' Style Retro floor lamp

Retro 3 Way Eyeball Floor Lamp from Iconic Lights

retro_lightingI think we all realise that having good lighting in the home is key to helping us carry out certain tasks or creating the right mood, but personally I haven’t always been wholly successful in choosing the best lighting for our needs.  I’m hoping that’s about to change, as I recently joined the team of blogging ambassadors for Iconic Lights, a company that offers a complete range of stylish lighting at brilliantly affordable prices.  I’m looking forward to working with them and sharing any tips and inspiration, plus giving you some close up looks at a few of their designs.

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Let’s start with a retro floor lamp which is incredibly versatile.  As much as I love a big, arching floor lamp or one on tripod legs, you do need adequate space for them, so this particular design is a great compact option for those who are seeking great style without compromise.

Influenced by the iconic 1960s design by the Castiglioni brothers, the Achille & Pier Castiglioni ‘Arco’ Style Retro 3 Way Eyeball Floor Lamp features those typically retro Arco style shades.  With a sturdy round chrome plated base and 3 eyeball fixtures, with each lamp being perfectly adjustable, so you can direct the light exactly where you wish, it is both striking and very practical.


It comes in a choice of regular chrome or black chrome finish and I opted for the darker look of the black chrome.  The problem area in our home is our conservatory, which forms part of our main living room.  It’s open plan and the lighting in there is dismal to say the least.  When it was built, we installed a combined ceiling fan and light behind an opaque shade that never shone very brightly.  Now the bulb has gone and we’re still trying to work out how on earth to get into the unit to replace it (since we can’t find the instruction leaflet – typical!).  So the room – which already felt gloomy – is even more so right now.  Even bringing in a couple of table lamps hasn’t helped much in the evening, as we don’t have any roof blinds to reflect the light back into the room.  So when it’s dark outside, it’s dark inside too and it just isn’t creating the cosy, autumnal feel I would like.

The fact that we’ve now got three lamps that you can swivel to direct their beam, on a slim upright pole, is a winning design for our space.  The bulbs are bright and the fact that you can adjust those eyeball fixtures is just such a great added feature.  By tilting them downwards, we’re not losing the light up through the glass roof as with a normal lamp and shade.  I also really like that the design of the lamp lends the room a little bit of a cool retro vibe.


Here it is in place in our room, just as dusk was starting to fall:

'Arco' Style Retro floor lamp

I think it will look even better when we add the feature wallpaper that I’ve got planned to go behind it soon and some new seating… watch this space!

In collaboration with Iconic Lights

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