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Justice League America

A little while ago I was introduced to the website of the wall mural specialists, Wallsauce.  If you are after something different for your walls, this is certainly one place to check – there is a huge array of custom-sized designs and styles to choose from.

We were offered the chance to review a mural of our choice from Wallsauce and my two youngest sons jumped at the opportunity to have a superheroes themed one for their shared bedroom.

The slight issue we had was that even though they have a reasonable-sized bedroom, there isn’t a lot of visible wallspace.  They have a large row of fitted wardrobes along one wall, a bunk bed against the opposite one, a window and radiator on another wall, which just left the one that has a fitted desk against it, not to mention a light switch, but just enough space to play with.


If you are a little challenged for spare wall space like us, you might want to consider one of the decals on the Wallsauce site instead.  These still give lots of great impact, but might fit your room a little better:

batman image

However, our youngest lad, who is 6, had already spotted and set his heart on a particular Justice League mural.  And luckily for him, his brother agreed with his choice.  Because the murals are printed to order and custom-sized, we were able to specify the dimensions of our wall space and have the mural made up accordingly.

We measured the width and height in 3 places as recommended by the Wallsauce team (this is important if you have an older house with slightly uneven walls!).  We made sure to note the maximum measurements and then added 5cm to each, to allow for trimming.

The mural arrived in a sturdy tube and was divided into 3 separate sections.  The finish felt very smooth and the print quality was excellent.  The sheets are pre-pasted, so all we had to do was lay them out on a pasting table and wet the back sufficiently with a brush or sponge and water.  You do have to move fairly quickly in applying the sections to the wall, but there is time to line them up properly with the next piece and smooth over the surface to remove any air bubbles.  It really didn’t take too long at all and afterwards we trimmed off the edges.  We did experience a little bit of lifting at some of the edges, but simply applied a spot of border adhesive to rectify that.

border adhesive

Fortunately, although we had the light switch to contend with (and I was really hoping we wouldn’t have to cut out a character’s face) it ended up not being a major issue.  Phew!


Both boys’ faces were a picture when they arrived home from school, I wish I’d snapped that moment as they stood open-mouthed in front of their impressive new wall feature – so thank you to Wallsauce for making their day!


We’ve still got to decorate the rest of their bedroom and do something with the floorboards, so when we are finished I’ll give a whole room update.

In the meantime, do check out the website of Wallsauce.  In addition to their range of super-sized superhero wall murals, they produce some very contemporary designs suitable for living room walls, bedrooms, kitchens, offices etc. that really give a wow factor.  The website offers visuals of each design to give an idea of how they would look in each type of room which is a nice, helpful feature.  They have a truly massive image library to select from, ranging from city scapes and geometric patterns to famous faces and graffiti art – or you could even use one of your own photos.  You’ll be spoilt for choice!

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