Review of Eames Style Chairs from MDM Furniture

charles eames eiffel

Sometimes you don’t need to replace things completely to give your home the benefit of a new look or a bit of a ‘refresh’.

For us, I still like the chunky oak dining table we have had for a number of years, but I’ve been feeling a bit ‘over’ the chairs that came with it; high-backed with brown faux leather seats.  So when the opportunity came along to test out and review a couple of new dining chairs from the stylish seating collections at MDM Furniture (now known as Direct Home Living), it seemed like a great way to update our current dining set and make it look a bit more modern.

Two of our four existing dining chairs (one with a collapsed seat and the other with paint over the legs) were substituted for two of these fashionable replica Charles Eames ‘Eiffel’ Dining Chairs in white.



These Eiffel style chairs were originally created in the 1950s and are timeless classics.  They are widely sought after by lovers of the ‘mid-century modern’ trend in interiors.   The chairs feature a shell moulded of ABS plastic and the smooth, formed shell sits on wooden legs with steel fixings.  They also come in some great pops of colour, including red, orange, green and blue (there’s even a fabric patchwork version) but as I am hoping to add a bit of a cool Scandinavian style to our family room, white seemed like a good choice and would also contrast nicely against the oak.  Normally I won’t have too much of anything white in our house because it always seem to get dirty or marked so quickly, but with these seats being hardwearing and wipeable plastic it allayed my concerns (I’ll just have to watch out for any felt tip pens I guess!).

I really like the eclectic look of mixed seating, so the fact that we now have just two of the original high-backed chairs, two Eiffel chairs and a bench around the table appeals to me.  I may re-cover the faux leather bench and seat pads with a nice Scandi fabric eventually.  But for now, here’s our new look dining set:

eames chairs


We have found the replica chairs to be both lightweight and very comfortable to sit on with their curved design.  I love them and think they are a brilliant buy, whether you choose to have just a couple or go for a full set.  Bringing in two new accent chairs has really given a fresh twist to the look of our dining area.  For such an iconic design, trhe chairs are incredibly affordable, currently at just £42.99 each.  (Direct Home Living also offers a 12 month Warranty on all their furniture for peace of mind.)

Hats off to Direct Home Living for their great range of stylish, good value dining chairs, bar stools, office chairs and more.  My thanks to the team for gifting us a great pair of chairs!

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