Review of Gorgeous, Scented Candles from Love Aroma and a Giveaway

As I sit typing this post, I’m enjoying a lovely treat.  No, not a slice of chocolate cake unfortunately, but something equally delicious for the senses.  It’s a beautiful Paddywax Relish candle courtesy of Love Aroma in the heavenly fragrance of Blood Orange and Citrus.

I love a scented candle or two in the home, especially in the evening.  It feels like a treat to light one after the children have gone to bed and I can settle down to watch a good crime drama on the TV, or catch up on a little blogging or admin whilst enjoying the scented air.  I find the ritual of lighting it soothing and waiting for the lovely smell to fill the room, just Mmm….

This particular candle really is the perfect blend of style and scent.  I love the way it is presented, in a rustic coloured glass jar with a metal lid and a cardboard tag on a piece of twine.  It looks so good!  And when the candle eventually runs out you can use that lovely vintage style jar for storage; I think something like cotton wool balls in the bathroom would be great (but don’t expect to re-use your jar too soon, we are talking up to 60 hours burn time here with the Paddywax relish candle.)

So that’s the appearance, but what about the candle itself?  It’s made of a signature soy wax blend and natural fragrance oils to create a delish-aroma, refreshing in a soft way and citrusy without being too sharp and pungent.

As you will notice if you visit the Love Aroma website, you could treat yourself to a large Paddywax candle like this, or perhaps a couple of smaller ones if you fancied trying different fragrances.  Love Aroma kindly also sent me a Paddywax Gardenia & Tuberose and a Paddywax Vanilla & Oakmoss small candle to experience.

As dinkier versions of the large jar, they have the same vintage, rustic appeal but in cute diamond textured glass jar – and again, they smell absolutely heavenly.  The vivid blue glass jar contains the Gardenia & Tuberose, which is a floral delight, while the yellow one, Vanilla & Oakmoss, gives you a pop of vanilla, but with an earthier tone than some other vanilla candles that can seem a bit overpowering and even sickly.  I love all three fragrances that I was lucky enough to receive and plan to buy a Sweet Cream and Honey one next, as I can just imagine how gorgeous that one must smell too.

The other thing I should mention is that when you order from Love Aroma, you will receive a beautifully packaged box which enhances the whole experiences and feels like such a lovely indulgence.

So, now it’s your chance to enter our giveaway.  There is a large Paddywax relish candle in Blood Orange and Citrus for the winner and a small size for the runner up.

Good luck and big thanks to Love Aroma!

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