Review of the Kärcher Window Vac WV2

karcher window vac
Kärcher is one of the largest maufacturers of cleaning equipment and their distinctive yellow products are widely known.  So I am delighted to have been invited to review a number of Kärcher products over the coming months.

The first item I received is the Kärcher Window Vac WV2.  To be frank, this is a product that hasn’t been on my radar up until now and I wasn’t entirely sure what it could do.  So I’ve been really surprised and impressed by this unassuming little device!

Cleaning windows is one of those chores I really loathe.  It seems like you can put a whole lot of effort in, getting really aching arms (especially where our two sets of patio doors are concerned) only to end up with a streak-fest of horrors when the sun shines through the glass.  (Yes it does sometimes you know, even in Manchester!)  I know people often swear by vinegar and newspaper, but I just can’t bring myself to scrunch up wads of inky newspaper and attack my windows with it while I get high on vinegar fumes.  So the Kärcher window vac totally impressed me.  It is neat in size, so you can easily handle it – it is not at all heavy or cumbersome – and also find a shelf to store it on.  The only assembly that is required is slotting the end with the rubber blade into the unit.  It comes with:

  • A suction nozzle 280mm wide
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Battery charger

I charged it up and once that’s done, the WV2 will have 25 minutes of running time.  I soaped up the window quite generously with water and detergent to see the device’s capabilities.  Once you switch the unit on, it sounds a little like a hairdryer.  Starting at the top you pull the rubber blade downwards, ‘squeeging’ the soapy water as you go and the clever window vac sucks it all up (the water tank can collect 100ml before you need to empty it)  leaving dry, streak-free glass.


This is what my windows and glass doors have been crying out for!  Seriously, it turns a horrible task into quite a satisfying one – and I never thought I’d say that about cleaning my windows!  Take a little look:

And of course this gadget isn’t just for windows, you can get quick, impressive results on mirrors, shower screens, tiles – even your car’s bodywork – with the compact and innovative device taking up dirty water and suds before it drips, leaving a smooth and dry, streak-free finish.  It can even be used to suck up spills which is handy when you have children.  I genuinely believe this won’t be one of those products you tend to buy and then consign to a cupboard; I know this is something I will be using regularly in our home from now on.

If you are interested in taking a look at the Kärcher window vac, there are other models in addition to the WV2, some that include a spray bottle, micro fibre head, cleaning concentrate and even spare wiper blades and micro fibre heads, so check out the different Window Vac options here.

Good job, Kärcher!  I’m looking forward to seeing what the next gadget can do.
Post in collaboration with Kärcher, opinions are genuine and my own.
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