Review of the LEGO Bionicle Collection

My lucky boys received a treat before the easter holidays when a fabulous set of Lego Bionicle toys arrived for them to build and play with for the purpose of a blog review.  These figures have proved to be a bit of a lifesaver over the holidays, when boredom may have otherwise set in.


Firstly, these character kits present an enjoyable challenge in constructing them.  Then, they can be enjoyed  for hours and hours more with all sorts of imaginative play – I love to listen to my sons engrossed in conjuring up epic battles and quests for survival.  My nine year old is quite an accomplished kit builder and can tackle most, although he had to concede that he found the ‘baddie’ character a little more challenging, but between us we worked it all out (two heads are better than one) and we have to say, he is well worth the extra bit of effort – he’s pretty impressive and doesn’t every adventure need a bad guy?  Well the Lord of Skull Spiders is definitely a formidable character!


With a powerful ‘death-lock’ attack that he uses to squeeze the air out of his enemies, he is also able to summon his skull spiders through a telepathic link!


These are two of the guys who are on the good side; we have Kopaka (Master of Ice) and Tahu (Master of Fire):


This is Gali who is Master of Water:


And we’re rather fond of this tough little guy who is the Protector of Water…


I’m glad to see the Lego Bionicle range re-booted with these great new characters that hail from a mystical land called Okotu.  My eldest son who is now 13 grew up loving to collect and play with the original Bionicle range which first emerged in 2000 and ran until 2010.  I remember we watched the videos of ‘The Mask of Light’ and ‘Legends of Metru Nui’ countless times!

They were replaced in 2011 by the equally popular (in our house at least!) Hero Factory range, by which time my younger two sons were old enough to want to get involved.  Out of all the toys the three lads have played with a great deal over the years, and returned to even after a period of time, our big box of Bionicle toys has been a firm favourite (only equalled by Lego and Star Wars action figures).  While other things like toy cars and trains may have lost their appeal, I know that I can still bring out our box of Bionicle and Hero Factory figures and the boys will delight in rediscovering them again.

I’ve always found them to be an excellent birthday gift for any young boy, they’re always a winner!

Our conclusion:  The exciting new range of Bionicle figures for 2015 certainly lives up to the Lego Bionicle legacy and takes the adventures forwards for a new generation to enjoy.


To celebrate the launch of this fantastic new collection of figures, Lego have created an imaginative and original #BionicleMaskHunt Competition for young fans to join the six elemental heroes on a quest for the gold masks of power!  You have up until 10th May 2015 to enter so head over to the Lego Bionicle Facebook page for the full entry details.  The prize is a limited edition 14-carat gold Bionicle mask – a true collectors item any Bionicle fan would love to own.

Huge thanks to Lego for sending us the fantastic Bionicle kits for the purpose of this review.

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