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Review of the Samsung SE790C 34″ Curved Monitor


I’m excited to share with you today the outstanding features of a brand new product that I have been fortunate to review recently, courtesy of Samsung.  This amazing curved monitor is Samsung’s brand new SE790C, a 34″ multi-media and multi-tasking monitor, featuring an ergonomic design and providing a remarkably immersive viewing experience.

The opportunity to try this amazing technology couldn’t have come at a better time for several reasons; firstly, I’ve been busy giving my home workspace a makeover and this cool new monitor is the icing on the cake in terms of both its appearance and functionality.  Another benefit is that we are currently in the middle of half term school holidays, meaning that my children are keen to catch up on some screen-based activities in their leisure time, which the monitor is ideal for.  Thirdly, the extra benefit is that it’s much kinder to the eyes than a conventional screen and, having recently been experiencing quite a lot of dry eye and eyestrain from all the hours I put in working at a screen, this is good news to me.  Because the curvature of the Samsung monitor matches that of the human eye, it provides significantly more comfort and also has ‘Flicker Free’ technology, which protects eyes from the constant strain caused by flickering screens of regular monitors.

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The resolution of the Samsung 34″ SE790C  Monitor with HD provides a truly impressive viewing experience, it is absolutely great for creative and visual projects, plus for multi-taskers like me you can change from panoramic display and go to a split screen effect, for example having two windows side by side, or even viewing two different input sources on the screen at the same time (e.g a laptop and a tablet).  For me this means I can work on both of my websites simultaneously!  It can also really help me while I am researching a subject, or editing pictures whilst drafting a blog post.

Samsung curved monitor

I have been connecting my laptop to the monitor, so that I can use the keyboard, but I’m looking at the large Samsung screen rather than the laptop.  There is a neat cable management aspect to the rear of the monitor which helps keep a streamlined look as nobody likes to look at cable clutter.

Samsung cable management

As mentioned, this monitor isn’t just for work, it can be enjoyed during downtime too – and has therefore been a big hit with my kids.  Instead of viewing a movie on their tablet, they can now connect the tablet to the monitor in a jiffy and enjoy a movie with a much more cinematic feel.

curved monitor for movies

The monitor is also ideal for gaming, my boys have been playing their favourite superhero themed adventures through it and said that it makes them feel much more a part of the game and the graphics seem greatly enhanced.  The Samsung curved monitor has really provided us with an all-in-one, state of the art home/work/entertainment media hub that can be used by the whole family from the 6 year old right up to the 40-somethings!

 Post in collaboration with Samsung

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