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The back room in our house has presented a problem for quite some time and it’s quite a large one – the floor.  We had the floorboards sanded, stained and sealed several years ago and they looked amazing at the start.  To be fair, they looked good for a long time, considering all the traffic, but in the last couple of years particularly, the area in front of the sofa has been looking scruffy.

No amount of steam cleaning can disguise the fact that the varnish has worn away, the floor boards are pitted from shoe heels, toy scuffs and a whole host of other marks, scratches and dings.  When I pull our sofa out to clean behind it, the hidden floorboards looks amazing, just as good as new, and serve as a reminder of how nice it once was!bare floor

There is no getting away from the fact that we need to get the floorboards re-sanded and varnished.  It’s a large room to tackle, though (made bigger by the fact that the flooring continues through into our conservatory which was a later addition).  It would be several hundreds of pounds I expect to get a professional in to do the work, and having read about how hard-going floor sanding a large area is with hire equipment, I’m really not keen for us to do it ourselves.

Also, as nice as the boards look when freshly done, unless you seal the gaps in between, they will unavoidably collect dust and dirt, crumbs, Lego parts etc.  So I would love to completely re-floor in here with some beautiful, engineered wood that flows lengthways rather than widthways.

An extra problem we have is that the newer floorboards in the conservatory area weren’t stained with the same shade, so to try and disguise this two-tone, battered floor, a large area rug seemed like a good, quick solution.  But I was starting to realise that really large, stylish rugs can be quite difficult to find, or beyond our budget.

Step forward, Wayfair who have an impressive range of rugs, in many different shapes, sizes and designs.  After much browsing, I thought that as well as being able to disguise our horrid floor, the Boston Diamond rug by Safavieh would feel so much cosier underfoot, so that’s the one we chose.


Hand-tufted from cotton, this area rug is super soft and lovely.  Featuring a modern geometric pattern in brown and ivory, it helps to bring a layered look to our living room, especially since we have added our new taupe wallpaper with a botanical print.



It’s lovely large size is 152 x 243cm and you will currently find it on special offer, bringing it in at a very reasonable £119.99.  It feels really plush to the touch; the tufted cotton is very soft, almost chenille-like but without the shimmery appearance of chenille.  Although it hasn’t solved the problem of the worn floor, or cured the two tone effect of the wood, it has successfully softened the space and helped disguise the flaws, whilst adding some much needed texture and warmth to the whole room.  Everyone in the family loves it!  I’m hoping we can keep it clean for as long as possible, so there’s a new ‘no shoes, no food’ rule in the room currently.  Although we haven’t put a rug pad underneath, it hasn’t been sliding around, but you might need to add one if you have a really smooth and slippery floor.  Oh and it is a dream to vacuum, too!

large floor rug

With thanks to Wayfair for this review opportunity

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