Review: Set of 4 Drinking Jars from Mollie & Fred

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You probably can’t have failed to notice there is a big trend for vintage-style glass jars, they’re all over Pinterest being used for cocktails, smoothies and other drinks, but also desserts and snacks, they’re even becoming popular when turned into quirky pendant lights for the home.

I’m a big fan of these retro jars and so I was really pleased to be offered a set of Four Drinking Jars with Carrier from Mollie & Fred to review.  The jars have a silver screw top lid with a decorative cut out design and the side of the jars say, ‘Refreshing Drinks’.

Mollie & Fred jars

This gorgeous 4- jar set complete with its handy carrier is just what you need in the garden on a sunny afternoon.

carry handleIt makes your drinks feel like a real treat, even if it’s just some homemade lemonade, sipped through a stripy straw.  We tried out our jars with some strawberry milk and a few delicious snacks.

sunny afternoon 2

Perfect for parties and garden get-togethers, this set at £14.99 would also make a lovely gift.  They are more substantial than a normal tall glass, so less likely to get knocked over and spill everywhere.  The cut out design on the top not only looks pretty, but of course you can slide your straw in through the centre gap.

glass jars

I only had some plastic striped straws at home and these looked sweet, but if you have some vintage style paper straws they would look even more super-cute.  Even when not in use the jars look great on the kitchen worktop and if you like to blend up your own smoothies, they are the perfect jars to enjoy them from.

Mollie & Fred

If you check out the lovely Mollie & Fred website, you’ll find a fantastic array of homeware and gift items and lots of vintage-inspired gorgeous things.  Plus, if you order for the first time you will also receive a 10% discount, so even more reason to click through.  Big thanks to Mollie & Fred for sending me this gorgeous set of  drinking jars to review.

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