Review: Vida Sensor Bin 50L

Vida bin

If you are looking for a large capacity bin, but find that some of the 50L bins on the market are rather too bulky, especially in a smaller kitchen, then it might be worth taking a look at the Vida Sensor Bin.  Tall and slim, it’s kind of surprising to know that this 30.5 x 86.5cm bin is a 50L size.  If you also balk at paying some of the prices for a decent sized bin, the Vida sensor bin is much more reasonably priced than most.

sensor bin

It has sleek good looks too and is motion sensitive, opening it’s lid through infra-red technology when your hand is 15-20cm away.  This is obviously a bonus in terms of hygiene, as you don’t need to touch the bin’s lid.  It then closes automatically after a 5 second interval of inactivity.

With a removable inner bucket, it is easy to tuck a bin bag inside and keep it concealed for a neater appearance, compared to some bins where you can’t help the bag showing.

Vida black bin

I chose the black finish as I thought it may show less fingermarks than our previous stainless steel bin.  It does also come in a chrome finish.

It’s very contemporary looking, with a stainless steel body and a shiny chrome lid which, although it looks like metal, is actually plastic so I wonder how durable this will be in the longer term.

Vida sensor bin

But for the current special price of £29.99 on the Vida website, I don’t think you can quibble at all.

One word of caution would be not to overfill your bin bag, as we have a tendancy to do!  If you stuff too much rubbish down into the bin bag it makes it quite difficult to remove the bag from the inner bin, with it being a deep and slim container – but if you empty the bag regularly you shouldn’t have a problem.

The lid requires 4 x D type batteries that are not included.  I think this is a good, stylish bin for the money and the sensor feature is useful – children love using it too, which can only be a good thing, getting them into the habit of throwing their rubbish away!  It would look smart in the corner of any kitchen.

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