The Royal Highland Show: Finding Inspiration North of the Border

I spend a fair bit of time on trains. The commute from Manchester to London has become a regular part of my working life, so much so that I’m on first name terms with some of the staff at Piccadilly train station and most of the coffee shops there know what I like to drink.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve made the trip down south dozens of times, but the scenery – although beautiful in places – can be pretty uninspiring.  So when I was recently invited to attend the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh (tag line: “the best of farming, food and rural life”) I thought that the change of scenery might just give me some added inspiration and the chance to make some new connections north of the border.

If you’ve never travelled to Edinburgh by train, you’re missing an absolute treat. For most of the three-hour trip from Manchester my view was firmly fixed on the landscape outside my carriage window. Stunning scenery. Even the fact that the Wi-Fi wasn’t working on the train and the phone reception was useless didn’t bother me. Well it did, but not as much as it would have done normally.


One of the best things about attending these big events is that you’re never really sure who’s going to be there. So when you’ve been walking around for a good few hours and your feet hurt, you’re tired and a little bit fed up then I can’t think of a better sign to see on a stand than “Stressless”.

Stressless manufactures high quality leather recliners and sofas, sold through a national network of independent furniture retailers. They had teamed up with one of their biggest retailers north of the border, Richard F Mackay Furniture.  As usual, the Stressless stand was busy.  An oasis of comfort.

stressless collage

Chatting to the guys from Stressless, the show provided a great opportunity to show off some of the new features from the range, such as the innovative BalanceAdapt system. It seemed to be going well.  In fact, it was proving quite difficult to try out one of the chairs myself (for professional purposes obviously you understand) as once people started to enjoy that smooth recline and feeling of weightlessness that you get with BalanceAdapt, they weren’t in a rush to give it up.

The time spent with Stressless certainly inspired me for the rest of the day.  In fact, I nipped back to the stand just to top up my comfort levels a little bit.

The Royal Highland Show was everything I thought it would be: tractors, farming machinery and wax jackets. It was the perfect setting to show off all that is great about rural life in the UK.tractor collage

showgroundlivestockIf you’re thinking of attending the next show in 2017, I would strongly recommend it.  If Stressless is back there, then you’ll know where to find me.

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