Anderssen & Voll seating from Nest

Scandi Style: The Interior Design Trend of 2016

Anderssen & Voll seating from Nest
Images: Nest

Going beyond the flat-pack budget style of the ubiquitous Ikea, Scandinavian interiors have never been more sought-after. Scandi design has long been championed as some of the most practical and stylish in the world, and combines beautiful form with exceptional function using high quality materials for style that’s built to last.

What’s hot now in the Scandinavian design trend? This post will show you what trends that are coming straight out of the ateliers of Copenhagen to the high street.

Modern Twists on Classic Shapes

Part of the reason Scandinavian interior design is so popular is that the movement makes fresh new takes on classic styles, creating modern home staples that stand the test of time as well as making a versatile and long lasting style statement that never goes out of fashion.

Take the humble coffee table for instance; by making nods to classic carpentry techniques and design movements of the past, such as mid-century modern, Scandi design goes a step further by playing with shape, colour and augmented form.

Lighting and Accessories

Scandinavian design at Nest

If you want a touch of Scandinavian style for your home, getting a couple of well-sourced home accessories is a great way to get a quick fix. Angle-poise lamps, minimalistic clocks, geometric patterned rugs, and round hanging mirrors and innovative lamp shades are all the rage.

Scandi accessories like these all play around with traditional shapes and textures, creating something new and exciting, but far from garish or over the top. Accessories bring a sense of completion to a room, so it’s well worth picking out some choice pieces of design.


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Minimalism of form and texture play a huge part in the aesthetic of this style of furniture. Another reason why Scandi style is so popular is that it’s so easy to ingrate within a room because of its minimalism and simplicity. Yet it’s far from mediocre and won’t blend into the background.

Being minimalistic is not synonymous with blandness, moreover, it’s a celebration of the beauty of simplicity, inspired by nature and utilitarianism. Smooth and rounded edges, plays on symmetry and asymmetry feature greatly in collections at places like Nest. Geometrical designs and bold but carefully created colour palettes are found in soft furnishings and hardware.

Why Choose Scandinavian Inspired Furniture?

When you opt for a Scandinavian or Nordic inspired interior, you’re getting excellent build quality and well thought-out pieces that have been crafted by expert designers. Scandinavian design is more of an art form than bog standard functional furniture; it’s an investment in good taste, durable and hard-wearing functionality as well as beauty.

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