How to Get a Shot of Summer when its Winter!

Today as I type this post, there is snow falling outside and winter has definitely reached the north west of England.  I could feel glum about it – just as 6 out of 10 people feel happier in summer than winter – and the mere fact there’s no decent light to capture indoor photographs is a bit of a problem when you are an interior blogger, but on the other hand, it is SNOWING.  I love to see the snow falling down in big fat flakes; it definitely takes me back to my childhood and happy memories of sledging in Lyme Park with my family and friends, defrosting in the back of the car on the way home with a flask of hot chocolate.  You could go on holiday abroad to escape the weather, but winter can be a fun time, too, so I’ve been thinking about ways to embrace it and give myself a shot of summer even in the coldest months.

Get cosy

Feeling cold makes me miserable, so I’m not averse to wearing some thermal undies you know – it makes such a difference!  And you don’t need to look like a granny; M&S have some really nice, super soft and cosy designs.

Having proper home insulation can help keep your environment warm and, according to E.ON, save you as much as £285 a year in lost heat through walls and the roof!  Why not track your energy usage with tools like these from E.ON – they’re free and online so there’s no reason not to.

Other steps you can take are to have your boiler serviced annually to check it is running efficiently, which is something I’ve just done recently.  My plan for 2018 is to get a Smart Thermostat installed, too, so I can control the heating better, e.g. automatically turning it down via my phone when we are out, or switching it on in time for arriving home.

Decorate for a summery Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas, no doubt your tree is up now or about to go up.  If ice blue and white decorations leave you cold, why not embrace the current trend for kitsch design?  With pineapples and flamingos galore, you’d never feel chilly admiring your beautifully decorated tree!  I love the range called Kitschmas at Amara, it’s got everything you need to decorate with a warm, Californian vibe.

Amara Kitschmas

Make a Tropical Mulled Wine

You could make it from scratch, or cheat like me by adding a splash of Caribbean rum to a shop bought mulled wine – it is extra warming!  To keep with the Kitsch theme, I’ve served mine in a Kilner glass mug and added a stick of cinamon and a cocktail parasol.  I can sip it while enjoying my new controllable WiZ light which is set to ‘summer’, ‘sunset’ or ‘Mohito’ to emulate a tropical vibe.  That should keep the chill away!

For further tips to keep the winter blues at bay, check out the E.ON blog here.

Post in collaboration with E.ON


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