Spoil someone with a Christmas Treat from Hotel Chocolat

hotel chocolat

Chocolate and I go way back, we have a ‘love-love‘ relationship, which my children have inherited it seems.  So when Hotel Chocolat offered to send us something from their Christmas range to sample, you can imagine our split-second response: Mmm, yes please!!!

It is ten years since luxury brand, Hotel Chocolat opened its first shop in Watford and it has built a well-deserved reputation for its fine quality chocolates.  We were lucky enough to be sent a fabulous seasonal Festive Wreath – feast your eyes!


The Large 450g Festive Wreath is an exquisite combination of thick, delicious chocolate, studded with nibbly cocoa biscuits, shortbread biscuits and crisp caramelised Florentine squares. The perfect size for our family of five to share, with plenty for everyone!

The wreath comes in a lovely display box so of course makes a gorgeous Christmas present.  It almost looks too nice to break… but this is the Ludden family we are talking about here, so after gazing at it momentarily and appreciating its beauty, we had to dive in and break it up into chunky pieces to devour.

Hotel Chocolat

Omg, it was divine.  Just the right amount of crunch within the luxuriously smooth chocolate, with those heavenly flavours all working in harmony.  Y.U.M.

The range of Christmas Gifts from Hotel Chocolat is really extensive, I think you’ll be impressed at the choice of products and prices – I know I was.  There are different wreaths to choose from, including small ones if you wanted to have just a little indulgent treat, but also advent calendars, truffle Christmas trees, a ‘Christmas jumper’ slab – plus gorgeous extras to tempt you such as gingerbread chocolate spread, salted caramel snowflakes and Tiddly Penguins to name just a few.

I’ve spotted several delicious stocking fillers for my boys. After all, if we can’t indulge a little bit at Christmas, when can we?

Hotel Chocolat 2

Thank you to Hotel Chocolat for sending us a delicious Festive Wreath, all words my own.


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