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As you may remember a while ago I did a temporary bathroom makeover on the cheap, so it feels a bit nicer to live with while we plan and save for our future dream bathroom.  The bathroom fund isn’t there yet, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining what it will be like someday and I thought I’d share a few of the design ideas I’m most interested in incorporating when the time comes.

Quite controversially, I’ve stated that our family would be happy to lose our bath altogether.  Showers just work better for us, so I would ideally want to replace the corner bath we have with a large walk in shower, something like the shower enclosures from Mira would work brilliantly in the space that our bulky bath currently takes up.

I’ve been thinking about the walls of our shower area and would like quite a contemporary background.  Dark grey would suit perfectly, either in a subway tile or something more natural perhaps such as slate.  But I also do like the look of the stone tile below mixed with gold for a different, more luxurious look…   

Tile collage

I also find concrete quite appealing for a bathroom, especially when it is softened and complemented by raw, natural wood.  Whether I would be brave enough to use it though, or whether the family would agree is another matter!

Of course, I’d add some lovely towels, candles and gorgeous-smelling products and a few brass or copper accessories such as soap dishes and dispensers would add glamour.  These wire baskets from H&M would be great:

Because we don’t have a large bathroom with space to play with, stylish simplicity would be the aim of any scheme, something that would immediately soothe the mind and body.  What do you think, does this style of bathroom appeal to you?  And could you sacrifice your bath for a luxury shower?  

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