Tall shoe cupboard

Storing winter clothes & accessories in stylish wooden furniture

The air has a distinct chill, the garden is sprinkled with frost in the morning and hot water bottles and extra blankets are needed at bedtime.

Maybe this is causing you a few headaches in terms of storing winter clothes, shoes and accessories?  It doesn’t really help when a lot of us have puffa style coats and gilets that take up a lot of space along with an assortment of hats, gloves and wellies etc.

So what solutions do we have?  I recently bought a basket with a wide rim to sit at the foot of the stairs, as I thought it would be a good spot for us all to toss in our hats and gloves as we enter the house and as we ‘grab and go’ in the morning (I really hate playing hunt the matching glove, especially at 8.30am.)  Baskets are brilliant for organising and so furniture that incorporates some basketware steps it up another level!

So far so good, but what about all those annoying coats?  If we had the space, a coat cupboard or closet would be ideal to keep everything tidied away, out of sight.  But our hall is too narrow for one, so it’s hooks only.  I like this style below, because it looks more substantial and bespoke than having individual hooks on a wall – and with the shelf above it’s a handy spot for a small basket containing accessories:

Shelf with hooks

Now to the problem of shoes; even though we have a slimline shoe cupboard, it won’t accommodate wellingtons and snow boots, so this is why I love the look and capacity of something like this:

Tall shoe cupboard


Wooden shoe cupboard

While this style has nice large spaces for pairs of shoes:

Large shoe storage

A storage bench like the one below would also work brilliantly in a hallway:

Storage bench

It is fairly compact, you can sit on it to pull on shoes and the baskets are great winter clutter collectors.  Or how about a wooden console table with roomy storage baskets beneath and drawers for keys/purse/dog lead etc?

Hall table

When we need extra blankets on the bed, or for snuggling on the sofa in the evenings, a wooden blanket box is a lovely piece of furniture to keep at the end of the bed or in the living room.  They make wonderful coffee tables!  I love that you can buy smart new ones that have the look of a vintage bedding box, but without the musty smell and years of dust you can sometimes inherit with an old one.

Blanket box

So as you can see, there are lots of quality oak and pine furniture pieces that can deliver character and solve your winter storage woes at the same time.

Disclosure:  This post is in collaboration with Furniture Plus, all words and opinions are my own.


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