The Stressless Home Cinema Experience. A Different Point of View.

I asked my husband Paul, who has over 20 years of experience working within the UK Audio Visual Industry, what his views are on setting up a home cinema room, specifically with regards to people purchasing ‘specialist’ home cinema seating.

“I think one of the biggest issues with many home cinema set ups is the lack of vision, which is kind of ironic when you think about it,” (he actually chuckled when he said that, must be some kind of AV ‘in joke’).

“In my experience most people don’t have the space in their home for a dedicated home cinema. People tend to buy the biggest TV they can get away with then either wall mount it or put it onto some kind of stand in their living room. In reality this makes most home cinema set ups in the UK a hybrid of living room and home cinema.  As the living room generally has an existing sofa in it, then this becomes their ‘specialist’ home cinema seating.  Again, in my experience, it’s not unusual to see a 60″ state of the art LCD TV on, let’s say a super stylish Vogel’s TV Stand, in the same room as a sofa that looks like it needs more than just a little bit of TLC.  Crazy really.

sofa tv stand

“Some people don’t even consider where they should sit in the room to get the most suitable viewing angle for their new TV.  I’ve gone back to many an install and found that my advice about where to place the sofa has been ignored. The sofa has been moved to the corner of the room and the family are almost looking 90 degrees to see the TV, so now they’ve all got sore necks and backs.  Anyway, that’s a whole different argument about whether it’s better to wall mount your TV or put it on a stand.

“In all honesty the thought of home cinema seating is at the bottom of the list for many people who are just happy to ‘make do’ with the seating they already have.  They may argue it’s difficult to find a good choice of quality home cinema style seating on the high street.  With a TV, even when paying a couple of thousand pounds, people seem happy to buy online.  But with home cinema seating you need to try it out really, or at least be sure what you’re getting – and as floor space is at a premium with most retailers very few will have something for you to try on the shop floor.”

Ok, fair enough.

Regular readers of #tidylife will know that we are big fans of the Stressless range of luxury leather recliners and sofa sets but we’ve never really written much about their home cinema seating.  I have seen this kind of seating at a couple of the product launches I’ve been to.  It looked great and felt extremely luxurious.  Nothing new or unexpected there; it’s Stressless after all.  So I asked my husband another question:  Could you combine the comfort of the living room with the unique experience of the cinema by choosing Stressless home cinema seating?

“I probably saw home cinema seating as many others do, an expensive option that’s ideal for the kind of dedicated home cinema room that few people can afford.  A niche product.  Then I actually took the time to do a little research, the kind of research most people might do before buying a sofa or a TV, but may not necessarily do before buying home cinema seating (for the reasons I explained earlier).

It seems that Stressless has put the same care and effort into creating the ultimate home cinema experience as they have into creating their recliners and sofa sets.  Luxurious comfort, with more than a touch of innovation.  Is this enough to persuade people to purchase home cinema seating for their living room, to use every day?  It’s not a cheap option – quality very rarely is – but it’s certainly one worth considering and I’ll give you three reasons why:

1. Quality: Every component of a Stressless home cinema set is made at the factory in Norway.  Nothing is left to chance.  Only the very best leather grades are used.  The manufacturing process, perfected over 40 years, means that quality is guaranteed.  It’s not just for ‘me time’ it’s also for that precious family time.  Ideal for everyday use, redefining how many people see and use their home cinema seating.

2. Comfort: Stressless home cinema is designed for comfort.  Spacious seats.  Luxurious, soft leather.  Easy recline.  Excellent back and next support, designed to adjust to your every movement and give you the optimal viewing angle.  So whether you’re watching your favourite film, watching your soaps, reading a book or taking a nap you will get the full Stressless experience. 



3. Flexibility: One of the real innovations of Stressless home cinema seating is that it has been designed to fit into your everyday life, no matter how much space you have.  There is a wide range of seating arrangements available, depending on your requirement.  A selection of armrests, some with cleverly hidden storage (including cup holders!) and corner tables are available.  There’s also a range of matching double ottomans available in the Stressless home cinema range, all with ample leg room for two and integrated, hidden storage.”


I think that those three reasons alone are well worth considering investing in the quality and comfort of Stressless home cinema seating.  But you still need to make sure that you make the right decision about wall mounting that TV or putting it on a stand  – a subject we will cover in a future post.

Click here for more information about Stressless home cinema seating.

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