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Taking Part in National Picnic Week with Wayfair!

picnic bench

Did you know that this week is National Picnic Week?  The annual week long event, which was launched a decade ago, aims to give people lots of ideas and inspiration for the most fun and tasty picnics, sharing recipe ideas and successful picnic tips.  After all, picnicking is one of the UK’s most favourite summer traditions and the ideal way to enjoy the great outdoors while the weather is (usually!) a bit kinder.

As a family, we enjoy picnicking together and as our sons are getting older and eating more (a lot more!), we have found that meals out for a family of five can be a bit of an expensive treat, so a picnic is definitely the cheaper option and more flexible too in many ways whenever we go out for the day.  We can stop whenever and wherever suits us and I know that everything we bring along will get eaten, whereas that’s not always the case if you happen to have a picky eater in a restaurant.

Wayfair, the online destination for everything you need for the home, recently asked whether I would like to get involved with picnic week by trying out some products from their ranges to help us enjoy a picnic lunch.  I thought it would be great if we could picnic at home regularly, over the summer.  There’s nothing nicer than sitting outside in the garden in the afternoon or during a fine evening, with some music playing, nice cold drinks and a selection of tasty food and nibbles.  So I opted for this this large picnic bench from Wayfair:

Picnic bench from Wayfair

It seats six people and is nice and robust, made from pressure treated timber which will ensure it survive a long time against the elements.  We had to put it together, but it wasn’t too difficult.  We couldn’t wait to start using it and have enjoyed it this weekend for the start of Picnic Week.  The boys especially love to help themselves to a variety of their favourite foods and eating in the garden always seems like more fun to children than being at the dining table inside, so already it has proven to be a winner.  It’s nice to have breakfast on too when the weather is good, it feels like being on holiday!

National picnic week

We like to barbecue in our garden whenever we can, so it will be the perfect place to enjoy our hotdogs and marinated chicken, salad and soft drinks – and if we have friends over, the adults can sit at the picnic bench, while the kids can get comfy on the excellent double sided outdoor rug that Wayfair also sent us.

Outdoor rug

This lovely outdoor rug is brilliantly practical and stylish.  I’ve seen a lot of these on the American blogs I follow, but I hadn’t seen any in the shops over here, so it was great to discover that Wayfair has a wide choice of on-trend colours and patterns, as well as various sizes.  It looks just like a stylish indoor rug, until you get up really close then you can see it is made of woven recycled plastic.  It’s very durable and easy to keep clean, we’ve only needed to shake off the crumbs so far or give it a quick brush.  Drink spills are not a problem and it will also be really useful when we go on beach picnics as we can just roll it up and take it with us – it’s very lightweight.  There are lots of other great picnic products to be discovered on the Wayfair website.

For more information about National Picnic Week, recipes and tips to enjoy some al fresco dining this summer, why not head over to the National Picnic Week website.  It might inspire you to get the family or some of your friends together and head off to the park for a picnic, or do like we did and have a fun stay-at-home one instead!

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