#TeamSleepSheep – Aunty Ali to the rescue!


It has been about a week or so since my son Gabriel began sleeping on the Fogarty anti-allergy bedding range that was kindly sent to us by Dunelm as part of their #TeamSleepSheep campaign, which is aimed at giving everyone a better night’s sleep.  Whether your problem is too much light coming into the bedroom (Barney Blackout can help with that) or being uncomfortable (let Rory Foam assist you) or you’re having difficulty regulating temperature (Theo Thermal is your sheep!).

Or, as in our case, a problem with allergies – and specifically for my son, asthma – where the sheep in charge is Aunty Ali!

aunty ali

Aunty Ali is on a  mission to banish pesky allergies and she presents a complete range of products to help, including anti-allergy duvets, pillows, mattress and pillow protectors as well as mattress toppers.  You can even opt for hotel style anti-allergy goose feather and down pillows and duvets instead of polyester hollowfibre, if that’s what you would prefer.

hotel pillows

The Forgarty range my son has been using has impressed me with it’s quality.  Every item is beautifully padded, super-soft to the touch and fresh crisp white in appearance.  Not that you sleep directly on it of course, but still, it feels luxurious and not at all ‘clinical’ or purely functional as you might expect from an anti-allergy product.

The difference between this and ordinary bedding is the dust mite resistent and anti-allergy treated hollowfibre filling, which is designed to help relieve symptoms of allergies and comes with the British Allergy Foundations’ seal of approval.

I can confirm that Gabriel has slept well over the past nights, he has found the bedding to be really comfy and snuggly.  The duvet is a 13.5 tog and feels thick and warm, without being too heavy.

fogarty duvet

The poor love had a bad winter and was very wheezey and chesty, especially at night.  His inhaler started to be less effective so a few weeks back he changed medication and also as the weather has improved he has become much better.  Of course his inhaler is key to preventing inflammation in his lungs, meaning he will be less sensitive to any triggers – but anything extra we can do, such as regular hoovering of his mattress and the use of this anti-allergy bedding, I hope will contribute to helping him stay symptom free.

Those pesky house dust mite droppings contain substances that can trigger reactions that we don’t want, so you can read a lot more about the anti-allergy bedding from Dunelm here.

As part of the #TeamSleepSheep campaign, Dunelm are also running a competition for the chance to win a £1,000 bedroom makeover plus 5 £50 Dunelm Gift Cards, so why not get involved?

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