The Best Decanter Sets Review

For whiskey and scotch fans, having a beautiful glass deserving of the beverage is an important part of enjoying the drink after a day of work or play. Many pride themselves on their glassware collections and look to build them up. You can find several different sets each unique to it’s kind just about anywhere, especially online, but today we are going to look at the best decanter sets from brands like Stolzle and Tale.


The Glencairn set of 4 glass whiskey glasses comes highly reviewed and they are loved for their sculpted design and beautiful crystal. Because of the gorgeous, short shape of the glass, you can get the full enjoyment of the aroma. Fine scotch is enjoyed equally by the nose as it is the taste buds, so this glass gives you the full experience of the drink.

This set comes at a lower price than many and has beaten several other overpriced brands of similar design and purpose.


A beautiful shape of a mountain lives in the bottom of this short whiskey glass, which is adored for it’s design and the Matterhorn mountain. Half-filling the glass gives an aesthetically pleasing look, with the peak of the glass crystal Mountain peeking out from the lake of aromatic liquor. Short glasses such as these are best for truly appreciating the taste and smell of whiskey. The price is typically at the higher end for this design.  They are made of quality material and come with a tag that represents that.


When it comes to unique glasses, these wedge glasses are some of the best there is. The package contains the glasses and a silicone insert for creating and freezing the ice cube wedge. Using this method of wedge ice gives your drink a certain edge and melts much slower, so your drink isn’t watered down. Preparing the glasses are easy, just slide the silicone mould on the glass, fill with water, and let freeze in the freezer. The glasses are also heavy, sturdy and build for enjoyment when it comes to whiskey and other fine scotches.

The glasses are mid-range in price and sold separately, each including a mould. You may be able to find similar models for less if you’re willing to lose some of the excellent quality in these glasses.

On The Rock Glass

Create a new way to enjoy your bourbon and whiskey and other favourite liquor choices with this ice ball glass and mould. A glass rock formation at the bottom of the glass peaks and gives a sort of track for rolling the ice ball (mould included), around in your glass. It’s a unique way to enjoy an iced whiskey and releases flavours and aromas much more intensely. Fill the ice ball mould with water and place in the freezer until you’re ready to drink.

High-range price tags are typically found on quality products like these, since they include the mould and the glass used is excellent. 

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