The Cosmo Blog Awards 2013

As I alluded to recently with the one year birthday of Tidy Away Today, I feel like such a lot has happened with my blog in this relatively short space of time.  Although I’m faaaaaaaar from an expert at blogging, I’ve picked up a fair bit of knowledge in the last twelve months by asking people stuff, reading a lot of other blogs and seeking out the most basic and un-teccy ‘how-to blog’ articles I can find.

I’ve partnered up with some great companies, been featured in the Sunday Mirror, recorded a vlog (even though I generally much prefer being behind the camera!) and got invited to take part in the exciting Pin It Forward UK! Pinterest campaign.  I’ve made some lovely blog friends, been utterly inspired by what others have DIY’ed and decorated, plus I’ve improved my photography skills by a mile.  I’ve also pulled my finger out and got on with some jobs around the house that otherwise probably wouldn’t have got done, if I wasn’t writing blogs about them.  It has all been good.


So as if that’s not enough, this week I learned that my blog has been shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013, in the category of Best Home Interior blog.  The annual Cosmo Blog Awards are rather a big deal in blog-land, so to have been shortlisted is totally amazing to me, especially considering that there were apparently 43,000 entrants across all the various categories.  Add to that fact that I am rubbing shoulders in the Interiors category alongside some really top blogs, you’ll understand that I am feeling both thrilled and slightly befuddled about how I am even in there.

Building a loyal readership is a slow and steady process and even though I may not have the biggest number of followers, I appreciate each and every one of you for coming back regularly and leaving kind comments!  It is those same fab followers I am hoping will be sweet enough to give me a vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards.  Please just click the image in the side bar on the right, which will take you through to the voting pages and look out for Tidy Away Today around page 10, if you would be so kind!  (Some people have  mentioned that you may need to pick a blog in each category, for your vote to register.)

It would be wonderful if you could take a mo to do that for me, as the winner is selected by a combination of both votes and judging panel.

Thank you, it means a lot to have your support!  But even if I don’t win, I shan’t grumble as I am simply chuffed to little mint balls just to have had my blog shortlisted 🙂  Have a good evening!

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