Marks & Spencer Limited Edition Dress Fever!

There has been a bit of a social media frenzy happening recently because of a Marks & Spencer limited edition dress, if you didn’t know.  Those who follow some of the fashion bloggers on Instagram may well have witnessed it (just search #marksandspencerdress and you’ll see what I mean).

The excitement was seemingly contagious with the release of a now insta-famous dress; a simple yet pretty tea dress in a leopard print pattern and peachy-coloured stripe down the sides.  People went wild for it. Feedback from those who managed to buy it was that it was flattering and easy to wear; with a dress, you don’t have to think about co-ordinating separates and the other plus point was a pretty reasonable price ticket for a limited edition (just a smidge under £40) – and if you can use a Marks and Spencer promo code, so much the better!

The Insta-famous M&S dress!


One of the ladies I know who got hold of this version is the lovely Jen, who you may already know from Love Chic Living and who has just launched a great new blog all about style & wellbeing, called Style Brief – so do check it out! (She has kindly featured me in her Style Spotlight here.)  Jen wore her dress at a bloggers event we were both at recently and it looked fabulous; I especially liked the way she teamed it with a statement earring in a peachy colour that complemented the stripe of the dress perfectly.

Unfortunately for me, I was a bit late to the party and didn’t manage to buy this particular version before it sold out. (The dress did pop back in and out of stock numerous times, but you had to be fast as lightning to order one online, as they were like gold dust!)

Fast forward a few weeks and M&S brought out not one but two more versions.  I was quicker off the starting block this time and scored myself the cream & flowery print design with navy side stripes:

It does flatter the figure and I really liked it, however then I saw the other version with white stars on a navy background and a red stripe which I loved!  You had me at stars – I’ve also always adored navy, so I knew this was the one for me.

AND then a jumpsuit version followed swiftly on the heels of the new dresses!  Navy again, but with a white polka dot and red stripe…

This seems to be nearly as popular as the dresses over on Instagram – although it seems to be a tad long in the leg on some of us more – ahem – vertically challenged. The open back also seems to have people divided (I actually love that design twist) – but doesn’t it all just goes to show the power of social media in sharing trends!

I’ve since noticed several other lovely dresses at affordable prices, several of which I’ve been sharing on my #tidylife Instagram stories, so I’m sure I’ll shop for another Marks & Spencer dress soon.

How about you, did you get caught up in the M&S dress fever and did you buy one, or maybe ALL of the limited editions?!

© Copyright 2018 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: #tidylife
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